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This book lays out an approach to childbirth designed to give a calm, confident and joyful delivery. I strongly recommend it as offering a practical approach using proven techniques.

DR ZHIDAO XIA | School of Medicine, Swansea University. Former Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford

  • The widely popular Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves is available. The book comes with a relaxation audio and is based on the effective and sympathetic approach Katharine Graves has developed over the past 10 years and will appeal to those who have an interest in promoting calm and natural births and positive early years development.

    Expectant mothers and fathers will find within this book essential knowledge with skills that release fear, build confidence, and help them look forward positively to the birth of their baby.

    Hypnobirthing Teachers, especially those that have been trained by Katharine, will find this book inspiring and helpful as they run their own training courses. Midwives will find it invaluable as it throws fresh light on their midwifery practice and re-kindles the inspiration that first brought them into midwifery. All health professionals that take an interest in birth will find it serves as a positive introduction to Hypnobirthing and its growing acceptance in the UK.

    Digital version

    The digital version is in ePub format which is compatible on most devices including Apple iOS (e.g. iPhone, iPad), Android, Nook and Kobo. On purchase you will be emailed a link to download the .epub file, which you can then transfer to your device. Please note you may need to install an ebook reader app on your smartphone or tablet to be able to read the book.

    To read the digital version on your computer you'll need to use ebook reading software such as Adobe Digital Editions.

    Please read the MIDIRS Midwifery Journal review of The Hypnobirthing Book here.

  • Customer testimonials

     ‘The book is phenomenal.  It really instils such a huge confidence.’ - Danielle

    "Katharine has a true understanding of what helps women during labour and this experience is evident within the pages of her book." - Baby-Birth

    "Thank you, thank you, for your wonderful book which I received yesterday. I have already started to read it ( can't put it down !) Brilliant book, sensitive , caring and well written. - Helen"

    "Thank you so much for your book - I am sure it will be a best-seller! You deserve all the praise that is coming and I feel privileged to be acquainted with you - Sophie

    "Your book was really excellent, I wish it was part of our training for Ob/Gyn. - Karolina."

    "I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your book, everything makes sense and I'm looking forward to the birth of our little one whereas previously I was feeling a bit nervous. - Claire"

    "I just couldn't put it down" - Jane

    "The book is lovely, very clear, simple and warm, I think that it will appeal to women and men. It's an amazing book, it really is but I think that your layout with its clear simple feel will appeal to people more." - Clare

    "I just wanted to congratulate you on your Hypnobirthing Book. It's a fantastic read and very assuring for mums and dads. I love the simplicity and ease of the book and it is so encouraging and natural in reading" - Aisling

    "This is exactly the book I would like to have written! This is exactly what I hve been needing for years." - Sarah

    "I loved it! I love the way it's written, I am sure I won't be able to put it down now! " - Ally

    "A BRILLANT book" - Peter

    "Love the front cover. Picture perfect are the right words to describe it" - Alison

    "Wonderful book and should be a must have for any mum and babe in waiting" - Laura

    "A wonderful piece of work" - Liz

    "It is fabulous!" - Claire

    "Thank you and well done! It looks beautiful. Simple, clear and easy to read." - Clara

    "The book is fantastic and so easy to ready, very clear and concise." - Sharon


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