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Here are a few tips to help you with the download and use of your MP3 tracks and The Hypnobirthing ebook from this web site.

Having completed your order you will be able to download the MP3s or the book from your account's "Downloads" page. MP3 tracks are downloadable individually as .mp3 files, The Hypnobirthing Book as a single .epub file.

You can access your download as follows:

How to download

  1. Access the "Downloads" section of your account. You will be required to log in if you haven't already.
    1. From your account page: In the "My Orders" section, click the "Downloads" link.
    2. From your confirmation email: Click the link provided.
  2. Click the download icon next to the item you wish to download. * See notice for iPad / iPhone users below
  3. Your download will either commence immediately, or you will be prompted to save the file. DO NOT CLICK 'OPEN' - the file needs to be saved first.
  4. If you are downloading an MP3, in some instances your computer or device may attempt to play the MP3 file directly. If this happens, return to the download page and either:
    1. Computers - right click (or Command click on a Mac) the download icon, and choose to save the file. Depending on your browser, this will be via the option to "Save link as" or "Save target as" in the menu that appears.
    2. Mobiles / tablets - long press the download icon and choose "Save link".
  5. You will find the file in your default download folder, or the folder you chose to save the file in when prompted.

* Notice for iPad / iPhone users - you may not be able to download the file using the Safari browser unless you already have a file manager app that supports downloads installed on the device. For this reason, if you have a PC or Mac and you use iTunes it is preferable to download the files to your computer, add to iTunes, then sync with iTunes on your device (see page of instructions).


I've downloaded the file - what do I do next?

Here is a page of instructions on how to use iTunes or other systems for listening to your MP3s, and what to do with The Hypnobirthing Book ePub file.


I can't find my password to log-in with.

Use the lost password page and we'll show you how to re-set it.


I'm still having trouble with downloads.

Please contact us at KG Hypnobirthing, we'll be delighted to help!


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