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Fear Release Before Birth CD/MP3

It is established that - Fear – gives rise to – Tension – which causes - Pain

However much you are looking forward to the birth of your baby, we have all been subjected to negative stories / movies / books about birth which create a background of fear and worry. You deserve to enjoy your pregnancy – it’s such a special time. And giving birth is designed to be an empowering and life enhancing experience – if you release the fears.

This gentle imagery and the effective affirmations are designed to do just that.

This recording is available to buy in either a physical CD form or an instantly downloadable set of MP3 files, your purchase options can be found below.

Please note - this is not a Hypnobirthing course but is intended to help with relaxation prior to and during the birth of your child.

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Fear Release Before Birth CD
Everyone ‘knows’ that birth is painful and traumatic.  It doesn’t have to be.   It can be the most wonderful and empowering experience of your life.   This CD shows you how to release your fears and achieve the birth ... More Information »
Fear Release Before Birth MP3
How much happier you feel when your view of the world is positive.  This MP3 download enables you to experience a positive outlook during your pregnancy and look forward to your baby’s birth with confidence. Each Confidence & Power tr... More Information »


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