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Wouldn’t it be great to feel good and positive about your pregnancy every day in the run up to having your baby?

Katharine has written a series of positive statements which you can receive one each day, to help you create a calming and positive frame of mind.

This is the ideal companion to a Hypnobirthing course with Katharine, or you can just sign up anyway – it is free.

Statements will stop on the date you list as your baby’s due date, or you can easily unsubscribe from them at any time by clicking on a link within each email.

They're very simple. But often the simple things are the most powerful and effective.

"I am loving your daily messages, as the day is drawing ever so much closer, it is a lovely reassurance" - Niki.

"Your daily emails have been fantastic!" - Whitney.

If you’d like to send these to a friend please make sure they are happy to receive emails from us, or perhaps just send a link to this page so they can sign up should they want to.

hypnobirthing couple affirmationWe also have some lovely positive affirmation images that you can download and print out.  When you take a hypnobirthing course you will learn about the power of affirmations and how they will support you and keep you thinking positively about your upcoming birth.  Click here to view these hypnobirthing affirmations.

Please enter your details on this page, you can receive the statements onto any type of device, PC, tablet, iPhone or Phone, and we hope they help you to enjoy the amazing process of being pregnant.

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