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About Me

Hi there!

Thank you for exploring hypnobirthing.

After living in Sweden for 3 years I moved to Dubai in 2014 with my family and settled in Victory Heights Dubai Sports City.I,m originally from the UK, I have two lively, sport crazy teenagers, Max and Ruby.I had very positive birthing experiences with both children.

With over 20 years experience as a UK trained midwife, my enthusiasm for pregnancy and birth is still in full swing. One of the best feelings in the world is helping a woman discover her own instinctive birthing power and her birth partner confidently supporting her all the way. This is the reason I became a hypnobirthing coach. I'm trained in two methods of hypnobirthing, KG hypnobirthing and Maria Mongan hypnobirthing I,m also trained in the art of Swedish massage (ITEC) and enjoy incorporating this into my bespoke hypnobirthing course. I have a strong belief in lifelong learning, reflective practice and evolving to constantly improve and meet the needs of those I serve. For example, I have recently added client visits after baby is born, to give continued support as a result of client feedback. I recently attended an Active Birth workshop/ retreat with pregnancy yoga and birth educator pioneer Janet Balaskas and also attended a workshop with the world renown Gail Tully of Spinning Babies.I practice meditation and have attended retreats in Switzerland and Sweden. I bring this meditation influence to my hypnobirthing course.

During my vocation as a midwife, my experience spanned working in six major London teaching hospitals and the local community, supporting women and their families during pregnancy, birthing and beyond. Supporting them in their chosen place of birth; home, birth centre, hospital, dry land or waterbirth, I've seen women benefit from using the hypnobirthing techniques and I want every woman to have access to these incredibly helpful and empowering birthing tools.

 I'm a member of the Hypnobirthing Association, The Royal College of Midwives and Evidenced Based Birth with access to their extensive subscription only libraries.

I provide a bespoke, flexible, high quality hypnobirthing programme. Week by week you and your partner will grow in confidence and feel completely supported in your birthing journey.


Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Essence Hypnobirthing is a complete childbirth Preparation class, preparing the mind and body for birth. Join the course and meet new friends, share your experiences and grow in confidence together.


The programme includes

Effective Techniques… 
A variety of relaxation techniques
Breathing techniques
Creative visualization

Practical preparation for you and your birth companion

 Let’s demystify the hypnosis element of hypnobirthing once and for all. During the sessions, while you’re relaxed, you will listen to focused, positive child birthing messages. These messages and suggestions, because you are in a relaxed state, are absorbed at a subconscious level, in a way becoming a new reality.

You will become an expert in the relaxation and breathing techniques giving you the skills to keep focused and present during birthing.

Learn to use your imagination to create a deeper relaxation with the use of positive imagery. 

Gain an understanding the fear-tension-pain cycle. Strategies to help take any fear or anxiety you or partner may have out of childbirth.

Gain knowledge of your birthing body and mind.

We will take a look at pregnancy and birthing from your baby’s perspective and the wonderful ways to encourage bonding after the birth.

You will learn the importance of a calm peaceful birthing environment. 

Discover the importance of using positive birthing language.

Learn massage techniques, which encourages your body to produce its own natural analgesia during birthing and techniques to protect the perineum during.

We will discuss the importance of informed choice, with access to reliable scientific research which will help you make decisions for your pregnancy and birthing.

Your birthing partner will develop the skills to support you during birth, and have the confidence to be your advocate and spokesperson if necessary.

It’s all about attitude
A great hypnobirthing attitude for you and your birth companion is keeping an open mind, have commitment to practice regularly and have a strong sense of wanting to be empowered for your birthing journey. After completing the course you will feel prepared and in touch with your natural instincts and ultimately have the tools to birth in a calm, confident more joyful way.




Darren and I used Marie and Essence Hypnobirthing for the birth of our first daughter and we were so thrilled we did. Having full time jobs and two other kids at home, we thought it would be too hard to make it to lessons but Marie was so wonderfully flexible and accommodating. The environment Marie created was wonderful and put both of us at ease. My husband had no experience in anything like this but the course was so factual that it made it so easy to understand why hypnobirthing was such a good idea and why it was so important to me. We both fully trusted that we had chosen the correct route. although we had learned enough to know that should things not go the way we planned, we could still use our hypnobirthing skills to keep in control and remain calm. By the end of the course, I was genuinely excited about the birth.

Our gorgeous baby girl arrived in July after an unmedicated water birth and we were out of the hospital and back home in less than a day. I could not have done it without the knowledge we had gained from Marie and I look forward to doing it all over again!


I knew I wanted to have a completely different experience when it came to my second pregnancy and birth. After getting introduced to Marie during a taster session, I felt like this would be something for me. 
My husband and I had the privilege to do a private hypnobirthing course with Marie. Not only did she equip us with the hypnobirthing tools we could use, but she shared so much of her knowledge as a UK midwife of over 20 years,  I was silently wishing I'd met her during my first pregnancy! 
When I initially mention hypnobirthing, I'd get the occasional weird look, since people really associate it with being in hypnosis.  However, that’s not the case.  The tools that really helped me during my full natural birth (yeah!), were the below techniques: 
1. Relaxation; during birth.this was being in the moment and not focusing on what was going on around me. I was listening to the Quran and this lovely song of the 99 names of Allah but you can also play the CD with relaxation scripts and affirmations that Marie supplies. 
2. Visualisation: during birth, this was visualising my baby coming through the birth passage. Marie has a great little prop with a flower on top of the baby’s head, that helps you visualise. This image has been pierced in my mind from the first time I saw it.! 
3. Breathing down; during birth, this was my way to get rid of surges (contractions) by pushing it out and getting to that moment of silence.  Marie coached me during the course to implement the techniques. Eventually, since I had been using these techniques from 34weeks onwards, for moments that I needed to distress and relax, it became part of my day to day relaxation moments and therefore really easy to apply during the birth of Marwa  
My husband benefitted from being familiar with the acronym, B.R.A.I.N.S helping us to be in control of our birth preferences, 
What I really appreciated the most was that Marie was there for me after I completed the course. With the over medicalization of birth here in the UAE, it is really a good thing to have such an experienced person in your corner. Marie was able to help me find research and answer questions to concerns that I had during the pregnancy.   
Thank you, Marie, for being part of our life J.
Hana and Abu (Dubai) 


It feels great to share a positive birth story with everyone. I feel completely overwhelmed with the power and potential of hypnobirthing and how positive thinking, relaxation and practice can change a very challenging situation into something completely manageable and actually extremely positive and happy, I’m hypnobirthing biggest fan in Sweden”

Monica (Sweden)


As a fourth time expectant mum with one lovely nine year old boy, one termination and one miscarriage, I was utterly scared of everything going wrong again. When I booked the course I couldn't think of the birth, I just needed to develop a mechanism in order to calm down and start thinking positively. Marie helped me become emotionally stronger through the breathing exercises, as well as getting closer to my lovely husband about all my fears. All went well, my waters broke at 38weeks. I was very calm and able to cope with the surges and talk at the same time, even calming my husband who had seen me the first time around and couldn't believe the change. I got induced when I wanted to ( I asked my doctor to wait for a couple of hours and he did) and got the epidural ( not for the pain but in order to preserve energy after the birth, that's my view ). All went perfectly smooth in an almost serene room!

Virgina (Dubai)



Marie's style was great and calming.The course was extremely great value for money. The flexibility was good & I felt that Marie really got to know both me & my husband to tailor the approach for our personalities.

Salma (Dubai)



Any questions? Please call or email for further info. Happy to meet for a chat about Hypnobirthing and the course. Please take advantage of the FREE TASTER SESSION I OFFER TO ALL POTENTIAL CLIENTS.

There's something for everyone, whether you’re pregnant for the first time or maybe you had a previous challenging birth and want to prepare in a different way, Essence Hypnobirthing welcomes all.

GROUP SESSIONS (MAX 4 COUPLES) Great for those wanting to meet and make new friends.

BESPOKE FLEXIBLE PRIVATE SESSIONS.Prefect for couples who prefer individual attention and/or privacy.

REFRESHER COURSE. Maybe you have used Hypnobirthing before and would like to refresh.

The standard course is 10-12 hours of coaching which can be split into 4-5 sessions.These can be held on weekday evenings and/ or weekends, The refresher course is 5-6 hours over 2-3 sessions.

The course can be started at 20 weeks onwards, the more you practice the techniques the more effective they are, however, this is very flexible. Coming later in your pregnancy to the course will still have benefits.

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