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My name is Jane and i am a passionate hypnobirth teacher and teacher trainer......I love being able to empower couples to enable them to have a positive birth experiance.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more or have any questions.

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I had my first child in 1998, at the time there wasn’t even waterbirth on offer let alone hypnobirthing. However my parents always spoke about birth as such a positive and exciting experience. My mum was always telling me how she didn’t recall any pain. So I went into labour relaxed and not fearing it. I had Jack at the local birthing centre, in 4 hours. In 2000 I had a fantastic home birth with Libby. Then in 2010 I had a wonderful waterbirth with Charlotte, even though she was born back to back. I totally believe, both as a mother and a midwife, that being relaxed and having confidence in your body makes the most difference to your birthing experience.
As a midwife I am highly motivated and dedicated to promoting normality and women/family centred care. I have been heavily involved with the homebirth support group and promoting waterbirth and I'm also a Reiki II practitioner.
I qualified as a midwife in 2007, during my training I won a valedictory award for “Excellence in clinical practice” and in 2009 I received 2 nominations for midwife of the year.
I am passionate about empowering women and their partners so they feel confident and in control, not only through labour but in the transition to becoming a parent.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a relatively new phenomenon. However, hypnosis is a state common to everyone,everyday. If you have ever daydreamed or read a page in a book, got to the bottom of the page and realised you haven't taken in a word then you have experienced the state of hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of this state to make positive suggestions such as eating healthily or stopping smoking. Hypnobirthing is the use of the deeply relaxed state to help your body do what it was built for... birth.

For some reason, as soon as you announce you are expecting, people instantly want to tell you horror stories. The media always depicts labouring women as howling in pain, screaming and swearing. Westernised women are conditioned to believe that 'IT HURTS'. Hypnobirth works by changing those perceptions of birth into positive thoughts and an event that you will eagerly await rather than dread.

Grantly Dick-Read was the pioneer of what is now known as hypnobirth. He describes the relationship between fear and pain in his book Childbirth without Fear (1953). When the mind and body are relaxed, the normal pregnancy and labour hormones work well to gently birth your baby. When someone is scared their body becomes tense and closed, and hormones such as adrenaline are increased. These hormones take over the normal labour hormones, slowing down the labour, which means the body has to work harder as it is working against tight muscles. You can see that when you stop the fear, you stop the pain.


I just wanted to send a quick email to say a huge thank you as I had the most amazing birth experience, which I totally put down to Hypnobirthing and your course.
I slept through my contractions, waking up lightly to do a bit of breathing before falling back to sleep. At 2am on November 1st, after having contractions infrequently during the evening before and as I say into the night, I woke to my waters breaking. I said to my husband that we should phone the hospital. They asked how my contractions were and they were still fine and infrequent. Five minutes later I popped to the toilet and on my return to bed they started to come very quickly, about 2 mins apart. I thought we best go to the hospital just to get checked out.
When I got there I couldn't believe it, I was 8-10cm! I asked for the pool room, which was available and although I had to be wheel chaired to the room (walking was a bit difficult!) I got into the pool, which felt amazing. I did a bit more breathing and I was soon ready to push. Half an hour later at 4.36am (two and a half hours after I woke properly!) Henrietta Evie was born weighing 9lb 6.5oz!! I hardly even had any gas and air as my breathing was so effective. I had a real "I've done it" moment - shouting those exact words when she was born and fell in love with her as soon as I saw her.
I recovered so much quicker after the birth, bonded straight away with Hettie and she is an absolute dream baby. She is so good and chilled out I couldn't ask for more.
I can't thank you enough for making this such an amazing experience. Karen (very short auburn hair) the midwife who was with me was amazing too and totally supportive. The only problem I have now is that I want to do it again!! (not sure my husband is up for it though!) ha ha..
Thanks again and I will be spreading the word!
Charlotte and Patrick xxx
It's taken us ten days, but here's the story of our fabulous hypnobirth!

The day before our beautiful baby girl was born, 6days overdue and a healthy 8lbs 12oz, we tried every old wives tale to bring on labour hoping to avoid a medical induction later in the week, and so it was that at 1am, full of pineapple and curry, labour began.

We had spent weeks planning a homebirth, and so we swung into action, inflating and filling the birth pool and strategically positioning candles, towels and blankets. I felt calm and in control because we had prepared well and I was really clear about what I wanted for the birth. I used “up breathing” and the remote control visualisations to help me with those early surges, and listening to my hypnobirth music with which I was so familiar really helped me feel relaxed and calm.

Unfortunately however, when we rang the hospital to let them know we would be needing a midwife for a home delivery shortly the response was everything we had hoped to avoid – a busy shift meant that there were no on call midwives available so we would probably have to go into hospital unless we could wait until 7am when the day shift started. I never thought I would hope for a longer labour until that point, but by half 6 it was clear that things had begun to develop more quickly and the hospital confirmed that we would have to go in.

The journey to the hospital, curled up on the back seat of the car in a sleeping bag against the minus 5 degree morning, and the long trek through the hospital to the maternity unit was just awful and by the time we arrived on the ward the serene calmness which had seen me through so far was nowhere to be found. As we waited on the ward to be seen I felt tired, confused and it was distressing for a while not to have a little private spot to feel safe in, let alone to be at the hospital where I feared I would slide down a medicalised route full of interventions and away from the natural birth I wanted. So when Jane came round the curtain we couldn’t have been happier. To see the familiar face of someone I knew totally understood our wishes for the birth was truly amazing and brought tears to my eyes.

Jane examined me and, on finding that I was already 7cms went off to fill the pool for us. Minutes later I was getting into the water and that feeling of relief as the warm water took away all my tension immediately brought me back to the calm state I had been in earlier. Jane put the birth music on, and I spent the next 5 hours relaxing into the water between surges – it sounds like a long time but it honestly felt like no time at all. I continued to use the breathing techniques from my hypnobirth practice and kept turning down my “dial” during the surges, I was also visualising all sorts of watery things; waves taking me toward the shore and bubbles rising, all of which helped to make me feel really zoned out in between surges.

Towards the end, as the surges became more intense and much closer together, and then later still when I felt the baby’s head coming, I felt I lost a bit of that serenity, mainly because I was concerned that with each push the baby was heading out of the wrong exit and I couldn’t understand why no-one was worried about that! Although at that point I was feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused about whether I should push or not I didn’t at any time throughout the labour feel I needed any form of pain relief – the reassurance I had from my husband and Jane was enough to help me through those last few minutes. Of course, after a while the baby’s head emerged from the correct exit, and, just as we had hoped for, her daddy was there to watch her as she glided out into the pool, to tell me that she was a girl and to catch her and pass her to me. Somewhere in that final process, without either of us being aware, Jane deftly unhooked the cord from around her neck and withstood a hug-come-rugby tackle from dad, but mainly she expertly stood back just the right amount so that it felt like just the three of us sharing that magical moment.


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