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About Me

Welcome. My name is Abbie, I am a mother to a gorgeous little girl through the aid of Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing. Inspired by my experience, I am now a KG hypnobirthing practitioner and love to give others the opportunity to be able to have a positive birthing experience. 

I feel I have the confidence, power and positive attitude to achieve anything. I can encourage and teach couples that they can too, through the practise of hypnobirthing, by giving couples the knowledge to trust in their instincts, rely on their body and empower them to give birth in a calm atmosphere.

Hypnobirthing isn’t just for birth but for life experience as we are in charge of how our mind takes over our bodies. I take a great interest in building a trusting rapport with couples, giving them reliable information and helping them adapt to hypnobirthing to suit their circumstances.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing gives you knowledge, power, strength, control and a way to reach deep relaxation.

This helps give confidence, by concentrating on positive affirmations, to ensure parents achieve the birthing experience they want.



Helps mothers remain positive through pregnancy, labour and birth.

Enables you to feel in control, relaxed and focused as you have the knowledge of the birthing process and what your body is capable and designed to do.

It makes you feel empowered and to trust in your instincts.

It helps with the flow of oxytocin and prolactin to give the best possible birth experience with less discomfort.

No or little pain relief needed so it won’t be passed on to the baby via the placenta.

It helps couples bond together during pregnancy and with the baby before he/she is born.

Helps conquer the 'fear response' when we are unsure about the unknown or reflect on past experiences.

Gives the father a role to support, protect and maintain a relaxed persona.

Partners are aware of what the mother will go through during labour/birth and this helps them feel part of the occasion.

Helps your baby have a smoother/less stressful transition into the world.

Helps your baby bond with parents and release hormones (oxytocin/prolactin).

Babies tend to be calmer and recover quicker from delivery.

The baby has a better start at breastfeeding.


‘I welcome my baby with love and delight’


‘My body and my baby’s body work together in unison’


‘I feel positive, confident and optimistic and I look forward to my baby’s birth’


‘Whatever you do is right’


‘I am practising so that I am relaxed and calm during labour’


Please call or message using the contact details to book or discuss all courses.

An enrolment form will be sent to you and payment arranged prior to the first session.


Individual Courses

Available all evenings. 

At request, weekend and daytime courses can be arranged.

One to one service provided in the comfort of your own home.

I can offer online courses through Skype where needed, though face to face is preferable.


Group Sessions

Group sessions can also be held and dates for group courses will be provided below in due course.


Refresher Course 

For couples who have completed the course before and would like to refresh their knowledge on techniques for their next pregnancy. 

This consists of one 3-hour session with an hour of preparation. Content will be discussed prior to the session, giving couples the chance to discuss what techniques they need further practise on. 


Located in: Derbyshire | Hertfordshire


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