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Felicity Weller (read more)
Location: London
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My name is Felicity and I am a hypnobirthing teacher, birth doula, baby massage instructor and self-confessed birth nerd. I am the founder of Chaikhana Birth, a leading provider of KG Hypnobirthing in North West London. I believe that a positive birth experience can be an empowering and life-affirming experience for a woman and helps to create strong, confident and capable mothers who trust their instincts. A calm birth and a confident mother is the best possible start for your baby and their lifelong health and happiness. I completed my Diploma in Hypnobirthing with the founder of KG Hypnobirthing, Katharine Graves, whose teacher training course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM). I am an active member of The Hypnobirthing Association and the Association for Improvement in the Maternity Services (AIMS). I am passionate about on-going training and continuing professional development and regularly attend courses, workshops and conferences. I live in beautiful Primrose Hill with my partner, Jeremy, and our beloved dog, Slug. Originally from New Zealand, I am proud to have called London home for the past five years. When I’m not helping women to let go of their fears and have a calm, gentle and more comfortable birth, I am an avid traveller and have visited 40+ countries and counting. Although pregnancy and motherhood is not a blessing I’ve been lucky enough to receive (yet!), I am a very proud aunty to Isabelle Anne.
Beverley Samways (read more)
Location: South East London
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As well as being a mum to one very happy Hypnobaby, (now a toddler); I teach Hypnobirthing, Aquanatal Yoga and I volunteer as a (breastfeeding) Peer Supporter at my local Baby Cafè.

After completing a Hypnobirthing parent course and then achieving a calm, safe birth for my baby, I couldn't stop talking to everyone about the wonders of Hypnobirthing, so it was no wonder people suggested I teach it.

I love spending time with expectant couples, talking all things pregnancy, birth, baby and Hypnobirthing. For me, there is no greater job satisfaction than to hear positive birth stories from clients, for them to feel the exhilaration of birth and know they will carry that feeling with them forever.

It is a great privilege to be a part of such a wonderful time in couples lives. It’s an even greater feeling if I’m invited to meet the little ones afterwards and hear their own unique birth story.

Megan Grace-Hughes (read more)
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Helen Burke-Smith (read more)
Location: Mobile covering all of London - Classes in NW3
Phone: +44 (0)7740403477
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My passion in the mind-body continuum, meditation and hypnosis was brought to light when I fell very ill a few years ago. I was sent to every hospital, given every type of treatment, all to no avail. My recovery only came about in turning inwards and changing my negative mindset, my thoughts and feelings, into positive ones. I quickly became aware of how my mind had a huge effect on my physical state and that it was only in changing my thoughts, turning away from fear and learning to trust my body that I started to heal. I am now fully recovered and have been left with an overwhelming need to share this gift and empower women. I am so passionate about the birthing process and getting back to basics. I want to help women let go of their anxieties, worries and fears and to learn to trust their body. I strongly feel that, before making any birth related choice, every expectant mother should be fully informed. I want to teach women about the birthing process, how nature intended it to be and show women that in letting go and allowing her body to work in a calm and relaxed way, she will experience a peaceful, comfortable and powerful birth. I am a qualified Hypnobirthist, having trained in the KG Royal College of Midwives accredited course, KG Hypnobirthing. I have a BA in Philosophy. I have an expansive amount of experience in leading Meditation, Mindfulness and in Hypnosis. I am currently completing her diploma in order to become a qualified Doula through Doula UK. I have also qualified in teaching Birth Preparation Workshops As a fully qualified Hypnobirthing teacher I am a member of The Hypnobirthing Association. I am also an accredited member the AIMS (Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services.)
Rachel Pretty (read more)
Location: East London- Walthamstow, Leytonstone, Leyton
Phone: 0203 648 5844
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I have been working as a midwife for over 15 years. I trained in Brighton, which was an amazing place to start my journey. One to one care was (almost) standard, and many a night was spent talking and supporting a couple through their birth experience, often in the peaceful surroundings of the birthing pool room, which was lit up by the underwater lights. I then moved to London, working in many of The London Teaching Hospitals, before settling in East London following the births of my 2 daughters. I currently work out in the community providing antenatal and postnatal care, and attending the occasional home birth. I have personal experience of Hypnobirthing, having taken a course during my first pregnancy. Doing the course really gave me confidence during the pregnancy to plan the birth I wanted- a water birth at home. Hypnobirthing helped me incredibly during the first stage, but as with all things- the baby had other ideas! After a long slog, we eventually transferred to hospital, and my daughter was born by ventouse 12 hours later. It was an incredibly happy and positive experience, despite not having gone quite how I had wanted. When I fell pregnant for the second time, I knew I wanted to give myself the best possible chance to achieve the birth I wanted. So I hopefully booked in with the home birth team for a second time, and earnestly went about re-reading and practising all of the visualisations and breathing techniques I had learnt before. When labour started, I began padding around the house with my earphones in, listening to the CD and practising the breathing techniques. Incredibly, the surges felt powerful, but not painful. All the practise I had done meant that my body was calm and relaxed and working as nature intended. My second daughter was born at home later that evening, and by nightfall we were all snuggled up in bed, Mum and Dad enjoying a sneaky glass of bubbles and a huge bag of crisps! My birth experience made me passionate about hypnobirthing, and it was this passion that spurred me on to train to become a Kghypnobirthing teacher. I was lucky enough to train under Katharine Graves herself, an amazing woman and advocate for the power of hypnobirthing. I feel truly privileged to be a Kghypnobirthing Teacher, and to have experienced birth in the way that I did. I believe passionately that our bodies were designed perfectly to grow and birth our babies naturally, but that an increasingly cynical and sometimes negative Western view of childbirth has created an atmosphere of fear which can impact on women's experiences of birth. Not everyone will have the birth they hope for, but practising kghypnobirthing will always improve a couple's experience of birth, and help it to be as calm and relaxed as possible.
Cecilia Antolini (read more)
Location: London
Phone: +44 (0)7946071834
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I have 2 kids: both were born naturally, peacefully and drug free. Most people told me I was lucky. Many I was brave. I know I was only well prepared. Speaking with many women who didn't have good experiences with birth I understood how crucial the antenatal preparation had been for me and that a major difference can still be made for many of us. I have trained in London with the very inspiring Katharine Graves. I'll do all I can to make that difference for mums  preparing for birth with me. An Italian living in London, I have a PhD in Philosophy and am currently taking a course on Emotional Care for Babies at the Tavistock Centre.
Kemi Johnson (read more)
Location: Central London & Brighton
Phone: 07947 453593
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I am a mother of 2 grown up and amazing sons. I am also a midwife, a KG Hypnobirthing Practitioner and a Positive Birth Movement Facilitator. My family are kind enough to allow me plenty of time and space to indulge my passion for all women and their families to have THEIR best birth possible. I live in Central London but have an undying love for Brighton, East Sussex so happily share my knowledge and passion there too. I love my vocation and love to share.

Jackie Kietz (read more)
Location: London
Phone: 07790 207363
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Hi, I’m Jackie. I live in South East London with my partner and our two lovely children.

I first came across Hypnobirthing around 8 years ago when I discovered, with elation, that I was finally pregnant for the second time. Whilst I was of course delighted, I was not looking forward to the birth at all.

A friend told me about Hypnobirthing – something I’d never heard of.  I did my research, attended a course and then spent the rest of my pregnancy relaxed, feeling in control and having tools to hand to turn to if I had a wobbly moment. I even dared to look forward to the birth!

My daughter’s birth was calm, EASY, comfortable and pretty amazing and I felt like Superwoman afterwards :-D   I felt on top of the world and the whole experience could not have been more different compared to my first birth.

Before completing my Hypnobirthing course I had no idea that birth could be this way.

My experience made me become very interested in all things birth, and amazed at how well  Hypnobirthing works. I decided to train with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT) as an Antenatal Instructor, gaining my Diploma in Antenatal Education in 2012 via the University of Bedfordshire. I then went on and trained as a Hypnobirthing Instructor with Katharine Graves.

I love delivering both courses and love working with parents at this amazing time in their lives. Whether it’s your first, second, third or beyond pregnancy – the techniques you practise work at keeping you feeling calm, relaxed and clear headed. Take a look at our testimonial page to read some lovely birth stories direct from the parents themselves –

Hypnobirthing is not about creating a perfect birth, but a positive one – and one where you feel prepared for whatever turn your birth takes on the day. You will be knowledgeable about what will be offered to you as you near the end of your pregnancy and during labour and know where to get more information and support if required. Whilst we most certainly focus on the type of birth you want, we also chat about any ‘what if? scenarios leaving you feeling fully prepared whether you choose to have your baby at home, in a birth centre or on the labour ward.

I am fully insured, a member of the NCT and the Hypnobirthing Association.

In addition to all things pregnancy and birth, I am also a Reflexologist with 11 years’ experience, specialising in Fertility and Pregnancy Reflexology and running Baby Reflexology courses for parents.

Zoe James (read more)
Phone: 07792 184 844
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I'm a dynamic yoga teacher who initially trained in pregnancy yoga purely to feel confident in keeping a pregnant woman safe in my regular yoga classes. However the pregnancy yoga teacher training ignited a flame I didn't even know existed. Half way through the course I realised that my passion was moving in a new direction and that I could see a way to really help women during their pregnancy and birth through movement, meditation, breathing and positive affirmations.

However after a period of time teaching pregnancy yoga classes, I realised that although the sessions were helping enormously there was still something missing... every woman who went on to have a wonderful empowered birth had all done HypnoBirthing to some extent. I realised this is what was missing from my teaching. I wanted to be able to provide that missing link to all my students. I completed Katharine Graves HypnoBirthing teacher training and embarked on this wonderful journey of helping pregnant women believe in their bodies and self hypnotise in order for them to have the best birth possible.
I have had some excellent feedback from HypnoBirthing clients – whatever turn their birth took they remained calm and in control leaving them feeling empowered and positive.

It is such an honour and a privilege to be able to work with women and couples during such an important phase of their lives.

I work with single mums-to-be, same sex couples and mixed sex couples. Whatever your situation HypnoBirthing will help you to achieve a positive birth and I would love to help you on this incredible journey.

Ebony Gilbert DipHE Midwifery DipHB(KG) MHbA (read more)
Location: Shoreditch, London
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I have always found women, pregnancy, birth and babies awe-inspiring and I believe bringing a brand new little person into the world is one of the most amazing things a woman can do. I believe in your innate capacity to birth and care for your baby; you are powerful! It is my absolute pleasure to care for mums and babies and my job is to encourage you to know your own strength and capability, that which is there in all of us. Every woman has the right to feel safe, relaxed and cared for and this enables the best possible birth experience and helps with the early attachment process. I also believe every woman has the right to choose how and where she births her baby whenever possible; I support your decision, be it a home birth, birth centre or hospital. So, a bit about me...I love my job! It is a real privilege to support families on such a precious journey. I love being outside in the sunshine, reading a great book with a ridiculously huge skinny caramel latte (and the odd cake here and there...). I enjoy my "me-time" and I also love to spend time with my wonderful friends going for dinner (Fondue night, dinner parties at mine, Mexican, Diner... I'm not a foodie, honestly) and also relaxing with my wonderful partner of eight years, Steve, at home, and spending time with my family. I may be getting old as I've really got into going for a slow walk everyday lately and looking at the trees (I never thought I'd see the day!) Oh, and I love a good box-set and my wild vice is...wait for it...aromatherapy candles. Whoooooo!
Chloe Straw (read more)
Location: Haringey / Tottenham
Phone: 07866767541
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I took a Hypnobirthing course as a mum when I was expecting my first child. The course had a profound effect on my birth and me. I saw the same results happening to many parents who had also done Hypnobirthing. I firmly believe in the power of Hypnobirthing and wanted to train as a teacher to help pass this power on to other parents, so that's what I did! I now teach Hypnobirthing regularly to parents to be in the London area.

Louisa Elder, LONDON SW18 (read more)
Location: London
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I am passionate about wanting to do everything I can to help you prepare for your birth and give your baby the most serene start to life.  For more information please see

Lisa Toth (read more)
Location: London
Phone: 07812 474471
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have been teaching Yoga since 2006 and I have always been interested in the effect the mind has on the body and vice versa. My approach to yoga and life in general is through mindfulness and open-mindedness.


As a fully qualified pre and postnatal Yoga teacher I have worked with pregnant women for many years and have supported them throughout their pregnancy and in preparation for birth and beyond. 

I teach Yoga birth preparation weekends for couples as I believe birth partners play a very important role; their re-assuring presence, love and support can make all the difference to a labouring mother’s birth experience.


With HypnoBirthing I have positively expanded what I can offer expecting couples in preparation for birth. I truly believe in the power that lies within each couple and individual to experience a calm and gentle birth, in whichever way their baby is born into this world.  HypnoBirthing actively supports parents so that they feel calm and at ease throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond and many of the tools and techniques that they learn will become life-skills.


In addition, I train other yoga teachers to become qualified pre-and post-natal Yoga teachers and lecture on YogaLondon’s Pre- and Post-natal Yoga teacher training programme; a training programme I designed with Anja Brierley-Lange of YogaEmbodied.

Jean Goodliffe (read more)
Location: Kensington and Chelsea - near Gloucester Road
Phone: 0207 373 7939
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Jean Goodliffe BA (Hons), MSTAT, ITEC, Dip Ed Antenatal Education, licensed Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner, qualified NCT Antenatal Teacher and Birth Doula.  I am also a Reflexologist and Creative Healer specialising in pregnancy. 

I live in Kensington with my husband and two sons who were born at Chelsea and Westminster in 98 and 94.

Related skills and qualifications: 

I am a licensed Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner and trained with Maggie Howell. I am a qualified National Childbirth Trust Antenatal Teacher and am also qualified in reflexology and massage. I 'trained' as a birth doula with Dr Michel Odent.  I trained as a Gentle Birth Practitioner with the obstetrician Dr Gowri Motha, with whom I qualified as a Creative Healer. I have done further training in maternity reflexology with the midwife Susanne Enzer. I am baby massage teacher, certified by the IAIM. I am an Alexander Technique teacher of 25 years experience. More information about the courses and treatments I offer is available on my web site

Experience & Specialities: 

I have worked with pregnant women and their partners for many years in the Kensington area teaching courses and giving treatments.  I hae attended a variety of births; water births and natural births in birth units, induced birth, epidural birth and ventouse birth in a labour ward. I have worked mainly in my most local hospital where my sons were born - Chelsea and Westminster; I have also worked at St Thomas', St Mary's and Queen Charlotte's.



Ashleigh hurford - NORTH WEST LONDON (read more)
Location: London
Phone: 447816581827
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hypnobirthing London

Hypnobirthing produces effective, more stress-free childbirth to the mother and baby through the use of hypnosis methods to create relaxation.  Our teachers are here to teach and support you, so that you can achieve this relaxation during your birthing for you and your baby.

Countrywide Membership

We have teachers throughout Central London and Greater London, which means that wherever you live in the capital, you should be able to find someone who can support you and teach you hypnobirthing techniques for when you give birth.  Each of them has been trained and assessed by us, so you can rest assured that whoever you choose, you will receive the best levels of support possible.

Our Core Principles

Each of our teachers also adheres to our code of practice, embracing ethics and best practice when teaching natural childbirth techniques, to enhance birthing for mothers.  We also ask them to promote hypnobirthing and natural childbirth, if they do not do so already, to help make it a more widespread choice for a mother and to become more widely understood, generally.

We have a lot of detail about Hypnobirthing on our website.


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