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About Me

My name is Rosie and I am a Hypnobirthing teacher and birth/postnatal Doula, supporting parents largely within the Richmond and Twickenham area. I am regularly with Hypnobirthing couples during their baby's birth and it is wonderful to witness comments straight after the birth, such as 'What an amazing experience !'. I passionately believe that Hypnobirthing makes all the difference in having a fulfilling and empowering birth, really giving parents and their baby the best start in life. I am also a mother to three girls, which combined with the Hypnobirthing and my role as a Doula, keeps me very busy !

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

It is amazing to see couples begin to understand that the principles behind Hypnobirthing are logical and easy to implement...they make perfect sense.  It is a case of taking control of your birth and allowing yourself to make the choices that are right for you.  You learn to let go of fear and understand that 'birth' is not a medical emergency, but a very natural process.  Hypnobirthing helps you to learn how to relax and trust your body to let go, so that it is an empowering and an enjoyable experience. I will show you how to use: breathing techniques, deep relaxation, light touch massage, the power of the mind and language as well as positive visualisations and affirmations to help support a gentle calm birth.


Rosie was a wonderful support in the lead up and during the birth of my second child. She helped my husband and I prepare for the birth by introducing us to hypnobirthing. With the use of music, relaxation, visualisation and breathing techniques I was able to prepare for the natural birth I wanted. During my labour thanks to Rosie my husband felt empowered as he knew how to support me by encouraging me to remain calm and focused on my breathing. This meant that I felt fully supported emotionally. Having Rosie at the birth of my daughter provided us with confidence, strength and the support we needed resulting in a very special, positive experience for us both. Thank you Rosie x                                                                            




I did think your course was exceptionally brilliant


Our son was born in the birthpool at home on the 19th of June at 14:41 in the afternoon, weighing 8lb6oz. It was the most amazing empowering experience I could have wished for, and he is a very happy healthy contented baby! We are so happy we did the Hypnobirthing: it turned what is for so many women a traumatic experience into something so wonderful.

During my labour we used all the relaxing techniques and burned lavender oils. I was so relaxed I slept through most of the labour! and progressed more when I let my birthing body take over! Our little boy weighed 8lbs and was born into our relaxed home environment. The midwives were amazed by Hypnobirthing and watched in awe!
The labour/birth was amazing and could not have done it without Hypnobirthing-- was very long but completely natural and i'm so thankful to receive such a speedy recovery-- In hospital i meet mostly woman who had had drugs or C section and they were really suffering for many days in there recovery!!!
well take care now, and many thanks once again .



I usually run courses individually in the comfort of your home.  I can do this either as purely a Hypnobirthing course or combined with a Doula birth and or postnatal package. I do not tend to run the courses and just send you on your way - I often support clients right up to the point of birth without being at the birth, which many people find extremely reassuring.

Please visit my website, call or email me so that I can tailor my support specifically to suit you at this very special time.  

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