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Diana is a married mum of three with seven grandchildren. She used hynobirthing to help her daughter-in-law Sarah have a calm, drug-free, natural birth experience. Sarah says: "I was really anxious about giving birth to my first child. Hynobirthing kept me in control and relaxed during labour. I highly recommend it."

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I trained in hypnobirthing to help my daughter-in-law with the birth of her first child and now want to support more mothers to have a positive birth experience. Previous jobs include supporting teenage mums in education, health training, counselling and hypnotherapy.

I have had three children of my own and was fortunate to experience natural births with them all despite one being a back to back delivery.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Childbirth is one of life"s joys and experiences.

Hypnobirthing helps you prepare for this special occasion without fear and anxieties, thus tapping into your body"s own analgesia ( Oxytocin) reducing discomfort.

With practice Hypnobirthing will prepare you to stay calm and in control of your body and birth. The mind and body working as one leading to the joyous outcome of a much loved baby


I practised Hypnobirthing for the birth of my first baby. My labour was peaceful and calm. Lily was born in the birthing pool naturally and completely drug free. I had little intervention from my Midwife which meant I could remain focussed on the tecniques I had learnt. I think every parent to be should practise Hypnobirthing. 

Sarah, Thetford Norfolk


My courses will start at the beginning of every month and consist of 4 x 3 hour sessions.  I offer sessions to be held in the comfort of your own home at the cost of £250 for the course. The fee of £250 to be paid on booking.

Group courses to be arranged.

A free relaxation session will be offered closer to the birth period if required.


Located in: Norfolk


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