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Helping expectant parents by providing the knowledge and techniques for a calm and confident birth. 

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I'm a Mum to two fantastic sons, and having had amazing births with them in 2011 and 2013 using hypnobirthing, I am now passionate about educating parents on how birth works and what methods you can use to remain relaxed and confident throughout pregnancy and birth. I live with my partner, two sons and our two cats in Hellesdon, Norwich, where I run my friendly & relaxed classes from.

Having completed a hypnobirthing course as an expectant parent in 2011, I originally trained as a teacher in 2012. After the birth of my second son in early 2013, I then gained my KGHypnbirthing Diploma in 2014. I have been fortunate to train with Katharine Graves on two occasions now, most recently in January 2017.

When not chatting to anyone who'll listen about the incredible natural birthing process, you can usually find me behind my camera indulging in my other passion - birth photography, or out and about with my family.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

When a couple of chance conversations led me to to google ''hypnobirthing" when I was pregnant with my eldest,  I was very sceptical that it was anything other than 'hippy stuff', or that it would make any difference to my pregnancy and birth at all. 
However as I started to research, I found that it was actually not 'hippy stuff', but simply common sense!

Being unable to get all the information about birth that I wanted from my usual avenues; namely the NHS antenatal classes, I went along to a local hypnobirthing class with my even more sceptical husband. From the first sesion we realised that a relaxed, natural birth was perfectly normal, and completely within our reach. I also found an unexpected inner confidence in our choices for birthing and caring for our baby. 

I secretly remained sceptical up until the birth of my son, I just couldnt quite forget all the scary stories of horrifc long, painful labours I had heard throughhout my life, and couldn't belive that mine would truely be different. But it was. 

Having had such a wonderful birth with no drugs or pain relief other than my husbands support and the water in the pool, I realised if I could do it, anyone can. 
I truely believe that hypnobirthing had a massive impact on the success of my two births, the subsequent health of my children, and even in the confidence we have in now raising our sons. 

After raving about it to everyone I met, I decided to train to help other couples discover the 'superpower' that all mothers possess deep down. An incredible (yet completely normal!) ability to remain calm and confident as we nurture, grow and birth our babies.


Jennie delivered a great course that I would highly recommend to anyone expecting a baby. We were expecting our second child and were unable to access midwife led birthing unit, as we were under consultant care, and this course gave us techniques and perspective to enable my husband and I to have the birthing experience we had been dreaming of. She delivers the course and ongoing support professionally, with appropriate humour and care. Thank you so much for helping our daughter have a relaxed entrance into the world xx
-Sam, second time Mum

As a male you can feel pretty helpless during the pregnancy. This course really helped me connect to the pregnancy and know my role both pre and during birth. Your first child can be a scary prospect, but Jennie taught us both to really understand what the body is going through and techniques to relax. Due to this course, our birth was such a chilled experience and there were no surprises, at every stage of the labour we knew what was going on and what to expect next, but most importantly how to process it all calmly. A once sceptical man being truly honest, who now genuinely couldn't recommend it highly enough. Thanks Jennie.
- Edd, first time Dad


NormalBirthing Classes are flexible antenatal classes that not only teach hypnobirthing methods for making birth more relaxed and comfortable, but also give a sound understanding and comprehensive knowledge of the birthing process; explaining how and why the body is able to birth the way it does. The course prepares Mothers and their partners for a calm and natural birth, as well as explaining medical options that are available if required. With such knowledge, parents can be confident in the choices they make regarding their birth experience.

Although classes can be taken at any point during pregnancy, the ideal time to start weekly sessions is between 26-33 weeks.

Courses are taught through personal, individually tailored classes, and include the following:

  • The KGHypnobirthing Book and Relaxation CD (see bottom of the page for a free download of the first chapter!)
  • *NEW* YesMum ToBe Cards - (Value £10.50)
  • Parental Support Folder,
  • Additional online folder of resources,
  • Travel and refreshments where applicable,
  • And my ongoing support after the course has finished through pregnancy, birth, and beyond. (And I really mean it when I say you can call me in labour - day or night - for support if needed!)

For full information please visit

Group course dates also announced via my facebook page

If you have a friend who's also pregnant, why not do classes with the support of your friend - you'll receive a discount of £20 per couple! 


If you would like any further information please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I'd love to answer any questions you may have!


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Located in: Norfolk


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