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MORAG TESTER (read more)
Location: GLASGOW
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

AS a practising Clinical Hypnotherapist with many years experience, I have seen the many benefits of Hypnotherapy  to help reduce stress, anxiety and help build confidence and an inner peacefulness. This is so very clearly demonstrated with my hypnobirthing parents .Hypnobirthing allows me to teach mums how to work with their bodies during this wonderful special time. I enjoy working with mums and dads to help them grow together during the pregnancy and birth in a calm and relaxed way.

Catherine Lee (read more)
Location: Hamilton / Glasgow
Phone: 01698 422760
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I’m Catherine, the mother of two grown-up children. I’ve been a Reflexologist with a particular interest in Pregnancy for 9 years, and a Clinical Hypnotherapist for 6 years. Over the years, I’ve seen for myself how much benefit my clients, especially those who were pregnant, gained from deep relaxation and stress relieving therapies. Therefore, training to become a KG Hypnobirthing Teacher was a natural progression for me, as it places emphasis on a calm, confident birth experience.

For 5 years, I was the in-house Reflexologist at a local major insurance company, where I provided relaxation therapies for their employees, as part of a Stress Awareness Programme.

Susanne Grant (read more)
Location: Aberdeen
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

When I moved to Scotland and became pregnant with our first born I stumbled across hypnoses and relaxation as a type of pain relief during labour and birth. The folder I was reading was very detailed; however on this bit there was only one line of information. I decided to look into it and discovered something called ‘hypnobirthing’. It was like a whole new world that suddenly opened its doors for me. It was amazing! Suddenly women could give birth! I could give birth! I wasn’t just an illness that had to be subjected to protocols and checklists. No, I was a woman and this is what women do; give birth to our next generation. Pieces were falling together and I was starting to understand there is a different way to give birth. Having a degree in Earth Science and being specialised in human behaviour in extreme circumstances, I am fully aware of the cultural believes we all have and ‘suffer’ from. But, I wasn’t aware that I was part of such a big one myself: birth is painful and dangerous. The more I read, the more I understood. Yes, there are risk of being pregnant and giving birth, but being alive and doing things in the mean time always caries a risk, of course. However, that birth is meant to be painful wasn’t always one of them. I kept reading more and more reports of women that experienced an amazing, powerful, and in some of those cases pain free birth. I know, right?! I gave birth in May 2014 to a lovely little girl Hannah using the hypnobirthing techniques. It was a wonderful and powerful experience. It was so amazing I decided to become a teacher so I could share this knowledge with women around me who deserve, just like me, this option for her birth experience. I have been teaching in many fields over the past decade, therefore I can easily switch between different teaching methods to fit different needs. Being Dutch born I can also teach classes in Dutch if that is preferred. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am here to help. Susanne Grant BSc MA DipHB(KG)

Victoria Schofield BM(Hons) DipHB(KG) (read more)
Location: Linlithgow, Falkirk, Stirling, Bo'ness, Kirkliston
Phone: 07981 726328
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Victoria. I am a qualified midwife and have four children. Throughout my career as a midwife I have worked in three large hospitals, two in London and one in Edinburgh. Completing my family in 2014, having four children under the age of 4 years old, gave me a different focus and changed my ideals. I had witnessed women using hypnobirthing for their birth experiences before and was amazed at the benefits. This is what led me to becoming a KG Hypnobirthing teacher. My vast experience as a qualified midwife and a Mum of four children gives me invaluable added knowledge. I am very passionate and excited about the programme I teach. I know it works! The knowledge and skills I will teach you will make a positive difference to your birth experience. I am passionate about positive birth and sharing knowledge and information to acheive the birth that you want. I provide KG Hypnobirthing classes, one to one, in West Lothian, South Queensferry, Falkirk, Kirkliston, Bo'ness, Stirling and Edinburgh. I also provide Relaxation In Pregnancy antenatal classes in Linlithgow on a Tuesday evening in 4 week blocks and Hypnobirthing Basics classes too as an introduction to Hypnobirthing. More information is on my Facebook page, KG Hypnobirhting West Lothian.

Susan Coull (read more)
Location: Elgin, Moray
Phone: 01343549749
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Susan and I am the mother to two babies born calmly using Hypnobirthing so I know that it works!  Both at home with no need for pain relief and no tearing. One of my favourite memories is being in my bed, with my husband and our baby girl beside us, sleeping away at 2 hours old. =) My background is in the IT industry so I was sceptical Hypnobirthing would work. I did some (lots!) of research and the logical conclusion was that it made sense. Nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain and after training, we definitely did. To help put birthing back to being a happy even, not a traumatic one, I took the Royal College of Midwives accredited, KG Hypnobirthing training to become a qualified HypnoBirthing teacher to spread the word wider. My investigative nature means, that I am constantly updating my knowledge of birth and what others have found helpful with HypnoBirthing. I look forward to meeting you and discovering what works to help you to have the same fantastic experience of calm and informed birthing.

Helen Goldie (read more)
Location: Aberdeen
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My name is Helen and I am the mother to two amazing children; Jacob aged 2 and a half and Eve aged 1. I discovered hypnobirthing whilst pregnant with Eve and the experience changed my life! All of the anxiety, fear and pain I had experienced whilst in labour with Jacob was completely reversed during my labour with Eve; which was calm, controlled with no need for pain-relief, thanks to hypnobirthing. As a result she was born a calm, alert baby who slept and fed brilliantly.

I also have a first class honours degree in pharmacy and a postgraduate certificate in clinical education, and have been practising as a qualified pharmacist since 2003. Being a mum, with firsthand experience of hypnobirhting, as well as working in the medical profession gives me a unique perspective which mothers find very reassuring.

Having realised it is possible to achieve the birth of your dreams I am committed to helping other women have the wonderful experience they deserve too! Each baby is special so whether it’s your first, second or fifth baby it’s a magical moment when your little one arrives.







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