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My name is Valerie and I am a registered KG Hypnobirthing Practitioner and teacher as well as a registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner.   I have always held a fascination with the mind-body link and I have explored this extensively in my career as a clinical Hypnotherapist and Master NLP Practitioner. I am excited to be able to use my experience and knowledge of both hypnotherapy and the mind-body link to guide you through the KG Hypnobirthing programme, ensuring you can use the skills taught to have the best birth possible for both you and your baby. 

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About Me

In addition to my KG Hypnobirthing diploma, I hold a diploma in Clinical and Advanced Hypnosis as well as a Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and I am a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®. 

My qualifications in hypnotherapy allow me to be registered with both the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) - an Accredited Register by the Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care.  


I am passionate about using my professional qualifications to allow you to understand how to work with your mind and your body to create a positive and uplifting birth experience for you, your baby and your partner. My aim is to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and skills you need to allow you to approach your birth with a calm, confident, optimism that will allow you to enjoy and embrace the birth of your baby.  


Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Your KG Hypnobirthing course will make a difference to birth for you, your baby and your partner.  As a full antenatal birth education course, it gives you the knowledge, understanding and tools you need to allow both you and your baby to have the best natural child birth experience possible.


Using the tools and methods you will learn on your course, you will quickly understand the link between mind and body and how they can work in harmony throughout your pregnancy and birth, helping your body to give birth in the way it was naturally designed to do. 


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I offer both one to one sessions in the comfort and privacy of your own home as well as group classes.

Group sessions cost £195 per couple. 

Private one to one sessions allow me to tailor the delivery to meet the needs of both you and your partner and explore the areas that matter most to you in more detail.

Private one to one sessions can be run either over 4 evenings lasting around 2.5 hours or 2 consecutive Saturdays, lasting around 5 hours each.

A private session costs £325 and will include:

·         A copy of the KG Hypnobirthing book by Katharine Graves.

·         A copy of the Colour and Calmness relaxation CD,

·         A full set of KG Hypnobirthing course notes and reference material.

·         Guidance on self-hypnosis and creating relaxed states.

·         Personal support after the class by email, text or telephone.

What you can expect from the course.

Session 1 will:

·         Explain a little bit about hypnotherapy.

·         Introduce you to KG hypnobirthing.

·         Cover the mind-body link and how the mind works and how you can use this to your benefit.

·         Explain the impact of your nervous system.

·         Introduce you to some lovely relaxation techniques.

Session 2 will:

·         Allow you to explore the power of the mind.

·         Begin working with some of the breathing techniques you use during your birth.

·         Practice some of the relaxation techniques that you can use before and during your birth.  

·         Discuss some physical aspects that can help you prepare for an easier birth.  

·         Give you lots of time to practice and learn the relaxation techniques.

Session 3 will:

·         Cover what happens before the birth and how you can prepare yourself for the best birth you can have.

·         Provide guidance to help empower you to have the right conversations with the medical profession to allow you to have the confidence to make the right decisions for you and your baby.

·         Discuss the onset of labour and ways to make the experience more relaxing and enjoyable.  

Session 4 will:

·         Focus on the birth itself.

·        Give you hints and tips on planning for the birth.

·         Discuss the types of births and role of medical profession.

·         First, second and third stages of labour.


·         More relaxation sessions. 

Located in: Edinburgh


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