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My name is Ali. I had my three children during the 1990’s before hypnobirthing was available. During my pregnancies I felt that my body was capable of growing and birthing my babies. I felt safe in the knowledge that women had been doing this since ancient times. My husband seemed to know how to calmly support me through each of my labours and I had midwives who had time to spend with me as I gained in confidence as a mother.

Things seem very different for women today: pregnancy and birth is often portrayed as a risky, painful process and many women are so confused that they are unable to hear what their own bodies are telling them. Negative messages from the media and those around them, who have, sadly, not had fulfilling birth experiences, often drown out the joy and excitement around having a baby.

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My own childhood experiences, becoming a parent myself and working with troubled and troubling people (in roles within social work, counseling, education and in the third sector) helped me recognize the importance of supporting parents and creating space to help each of us explore what parenting means and how to go about it.

KG Hypnobirthing provides a framework for couples to do exactly that: our classes share knowledge and skills that help parents skillfully navigate their way through the maternity system. Our classes remind us of the joys of childbirth and help us relax and explore our fears. Overall, hypnobirthing ensures that whatever circumstances arise, couples have the tools to remain calm, make the right decisions for them and have their best possible birth experience.

A positive birth experience creates a wonderful foundation for future family life.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

KG Hypnobirthing helps you understand your body and have confidence in its amazing ability to birth your baby. Hypnobirthing gives you and your partner all the information and the skills you need to prepare for a calm, comfortable birth, the early days of parenthood and beyond.

KG Hypnobirthing offers partners the chance to fulfill a vital role as Mum’s main source of support during pregnancy, labour and birth. Couples who have shared this process have developed a deeper understanding of each other. This has enhanced their relationship and their roles as parents.


But we persevered with 1am relaxations together and lots and lots of replaying 'statements for an empowering birth'. In spite of all those hang-ups I felt burdened with after the experience with my son, amazingly I remained sooo confident during our daughter's birth. I took a nice hour long nap during labour, and carried on with my day even managing to play football with my son less than 3 hours before his sister was born! Cindy and Chris


As a Hypnobirthing mother of 2 wonderful babies, now 8 and 5, I can speak from the heart and share what an empowering, life changing experience Hypnobirthing was.  It enabled me to have two fantastic births, bringing my husband and I closer together and making the bond between us and our babies immeasurable.  You get more of what you focus on, and by putting in the practice, you can have an amazing birth experience.  -  Lisa

It was a very different experience to last time with my labour lasting a total of only 2 hours from start to finish. My waters broke without warning at around 7pm on Wednesday evening. Having spoken to the hospital to let them know, they asked me to come in to be assessed.  So we loaded up the car and set off.  I had back to back surges all the way to hospital and was in second stage labour by the time we reached the hospital.  I was shown straight to the delivery suite and an hour later Florence was born (at 9.11pm).  It was an extremely intense experience and I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t a very uncomfortable one.  It took every bit of inner strength to keep as relaxed as possible and breath appropriately, but I managed it. Louise.


I offer classes on a Tuesday evening.

These run over 4 weeks and are held in St Andrews or Dundee. Please contact me for the dates of the next course.

If you cannot make the classes, I also offer one to one courses for you and your partner that can be run in the comfort of your own home at a time to suit you.

To discuss what would be the best arrangement for you, please call or email me.

Located in: Fife


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