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About Me

My name is Victoria. I am a qualified midwife and have four children. Throughout my career as a midwife I have worked in three large hospitals, two in London and one in Edinburgh. Completing my family in 2014, having four children under the age of 4 years old, gave me a different focus and changed my ideals. I had witnessed women using hypnobirthing for their birth experiences before and was amazed at the benefits. This is what led me to becoming a KG Hypnobirthing teacher. My vast experience as a qualified midwife and a Mum of four children gives me invaluable added knowledge. I am very passionate and excited about the programme I teach. I know it works! The knowledge and skills I will teach you will make a positive difference to your birth experience. I am passionate about positive birth and sharing knowledge and information to acheive the birth that you want. I provide KG Hypnobirthing classes, one to one, in West Lothian, South Queensferry, Falkirk, Kirkliston, Bo'ness, Stirling and Edinburgh. I also provide Relaxation In Pregnancy antenatal classes in Linlithgow on a Tuesday evening in 4 week blocks and Hypnobirthing Basics classes too as an introduction to Hypnobirthing. More information is on my Facebook page, KG Hypnobirhting West Lothian.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

If you are pregnant and have any worries, fears or concerns or already know that you want to birth in a calm, positive and empowered way, this is for you. It is a complete antenatal package. It covers everything you need to know from the anatomy and physiology of your body and birth to the emotional and psychological aspects. Every part of preganancy and antenatal education is covered in this course. You will learn all you need to know and more. Knowledge is power and KG Hypnobirthing will give you that knowledge to be in complete control of your pregnancy, birth and labour.

By using the four key areas of breathing, visualisation, relaxation and deepening relaxation you will have skills that can be used during your birth experience and beyond for the rest of your life. 

There are benefits of using KG Hypnobirthing for Mum, Dad/Birth partner and baby. As a Mum to be it will give you the power, control and confidence to birth calmly. As a Dad to be/Birth partner it is a way of helping you to bond with baby. Dad/Birth partners have an important role to play in Hypnobirthing and their confidence and calm will positively affect the environment during labour and the birth. By birthing baby calmly you are giving them a calm start in life. What a wonderful introduction to the world! 

KG Hypnobirthing does not promise you a perfect birth, nobody can, but it will let you achieve the best birth possible for you and your baby on the day.


“Thank you Victoria! I may not have had the smooth, straight forward labour I had hoped for, but our lessons with Victoria and our practice gave me so much confidence. I was excited about labour. Despite having an emergency section I still look back at the experience with nothing but happy memories.”

“We did the one to one classes shortly before the birth of our baby boy Charlie. We can't rate Victoria highly enough. Having an in depth knowledge of Hypnobirthing, alongside many years' as a midwife, meant that she was able to guide and support us through the process with her unique perspective and experience. 
We really felt the benefit of the one to one time. Over the course of the sessions, Victoria helped us work through all our questions and the natural concerns that come with preparing for a first child. She also fully researched issues which were specific to our situation and provided sound advice, based on clinical evidence. By the end of the sessions, Victoria had enabled us to become much more relaxed and develop a clear vision of our birth plan. Victoria's warm personality makes her ideally suited to helping mums and dads to be through this process. We are eternally grateful for her help in preparing for the birth of our beautiful son.”

“We did Hypnobirthing sessions with Victoria before the arrival of our second daughter Hope. I was being 'encouraged' to be induced as I am over 40 but didn't want to. Victoria's sessions provided us with a balance of information and helped us decide on the right approach for us. I had a very relaxed and straight forward delivery that was very different to a hospital based induction. The best thing the sessions provided us with was the confidence to take the approach we wanted and challenge the 'protocol' approach to delivery in an informed way. Thanks Victoria.”

“Victoria looks at Mr Husband and says 
"Basically it's a dance. A dance you and M will do together - I will teach you the steps and you will lead her and make sure she stays in her bubble. Both of you will practice together until it automatically comes to you - until the birth of your baby"

That was the beginning of our Hypnobirthing sessions with Victoria. I've always thought it is part of His Plan that she comes into our lives as our teacher. We were trying to figure out childcare during classes and there she was willing to give it a go at our home with the young man running around. We made it work.

If I had to highlight Victoria's strengths, it is definitely her ability to manage and communicate expectations between people. She spoke differently than she would to Mr Husband when addressing just him, just me or us together. And her role as a mum of four and a midwife certainly help fill in the blanks that we personally have with current practices. Her positive outlook in life has helped put me back in perspective when my own emotions run high.

Mr Husband has since told me, what a difference Hypnobirthing makes. Him watching me, from clinging on to external things in the previous birth, this time I was grounded within and took control. The rest of it are just tools, not the things that made birthing happen. We would like to thank Victoria for taking a chance on us although the lessons were quite challenging to organise. KG Hypnobirthing is definitely worth the investment for us - if we are blessed with more children in the future we might need to book a refresher's course.”

“I cannot recommend Victoria's classes enough. You can tell she is passionate about what she does and cares about all things pregnancy/baby. I attended the relaxation classes which were split into relaxing in the first part and group discussion in the second half. As someone who finds it hard to 'switch off' I was amazed at how relaxed I became! The group discussions were a great source of information which you don't necessarily get elsewhere. Loved every bit of the classes.”

“3 weeks into relaxation classes and I love it! It's the time of the week I get to take time out for me, the classes being split into relaxation and discussion is brilliant. As a first time mum it's great to be able to ask questions and get answers from a midwife but also other mums. I'm enjoying the classes so much I've booked another block. I was worried initially that starting classes at 16 weeks was too early but to be honest I'm glad I get to experience Victoria's classes for longer!”

“Great class - relaxation techniques will (hopefully!) come in very useful. The Q&A / general chat at the end was also great, lovely open forum to ask all the questions you've been thinking about, with Victoria providing really fair & balanced advice which is often followed up by leaflets, articles, research etc. Would highly recommend!”

“Victoria's experience and passion as a midwife is clear to see, and I felt I could ask her anything and trust her advice. I also really appreciated the opportunity to meet other mums in Linlithgow as I've only recently moved to the area. Can't recommend these classes enough. Go on, treat yourself!”

“What a lovely experience, just completed a block of "Relaxation in Pregnancy" classes with Victoria. Very knowledgeable with lots of tips and advice, the relaxation session really works and no matter how you plan to birth I would recommend this class to prepare you. Also the advice and discussion afterwards really helped answer all the weird and wonderful questions I have- highly recommended.”


For Hypnobirthing sessions I specialise in private sessions on a one to one basis in your home. This allows me to give you my full attention and tailor the sessions to your individual needs. 
The cost is £350 per couple. This gives you:
- four 2.5 hour sessions in your home, typically over four weeks in the evenings from 7pm.
- a copy of the KG Hypnobirthing Book by Katharine Graves.
- a copy of the Colour and Calmness CD.
- weekly handouts which will make your handbook
- my support via email, phone call or text (whichever you prefer) on a regular basis up until you have your baby
- a postnatal visit to allow you to talk about the birth experience and reflect on it as a family
On receipt of your (non-refundable) £50 booking fee and enrolment form, I will send you your book and CD so that you may begin practising. You will receive your handouts for your parents folder at the end of each session on what we have covered. 
Session 1
Introduction to hypnosis and Hypnobirthing
How the mind works
Muscles of the uterus
Fear Tension Pain
and much more...
Session 2
Power of the mind
Pelvic floor muscles and perineal massage
Gravity assisting birth
Optimal fetal positioning
and much more...
Session 3 
Breathing in 1st stage of labour
Midwife role
Importance of touch
and much more...
Session 4
Birth plan
Breathing in 2nd stage of labour
1st, 2nd and 3rd stage of labour
Following birth, skin to skin, Vitamin K and cord clamping
and much more...
I also provide Relaxation in Pregnancy Classes. These are antenatal classes for any stage of pregnancy, booked in a 4 week block. They are held in Linlithgow in West Lothian on Tuesday nights, 8-9pm and are £45. In these classes I use a script from the KG Hypnobirthing syllabus and we conclude with group discussion, led by myself, around any and all areas of pregnancy, labour and birth. These classes are to give you a chance to relax, breathe and focus on you and your baby as well as being informative and giving you practical advice and information to make informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and birth. 

Located in: West Lothian | Edinburgh


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