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I would like to guide you through a happy & calm pregnancy to a happy & calm birth by teaching you the wonders of KG Hypnobirthing and deep relaxation.

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About Me

Hello! My name is Jo Snellin and my aim is to guide you through a happy and calm pregnancy to a happy and calm birth.


I became passionate about birth and the magic of the female body and all it can achieve after the birth of my two children. My first son was born in 2013 at hospital, under strip lighting and with all of the drugs! I had very little understanding of how the female body works during labour and was unable to remain calm when things didn't quite go the way I thought they would. Luckily for me my baby was born healthy and happy but I felt disconnected from his birth and my body and constantly wondered what I could have done to prevent this. So, when I fell pregnant with my second son in 2015 I decided straight away that I wanted a different experience, so signed up to a KG Hypnobirthing class.

I learnt all about my body and the power of the mind and how if I allowed them to work together naturally and harmoniously during labour I could peacefully and calmly welcome my baby earthside. It was such a life changing, empowering experience that I decided there and then that I wanted to help other women experience this calmness during their pregnancy and labour.

Our bodies and the beautiful birth system within us are already perfect - I will simply teach you how to access it. 

If you are interested in one of my courses or have any questions please contact me via my Contact page. You can also find me on Instagram @thehappybirthguide and Twitter @happybirthguide.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

By learning about the power of words and the power of the mind you can work towards a peaceful and positive birth experience. With KG Hypnobirthing you learn breathing techniques, relaxation scripts as well as how and why your body works the way it does in order to help you have the peaceful birth you deserve.



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I teach private, one to one sessions for £450, either from my home in West Molesey or from your home if you live in Kingston/SW London/Elmbridge. I can teach four 3 hour evening sessions or 2 full day sessions at the weekend (6 hours a day plus a break for lunch!) please just let me know which you’d prefer. 

Hypnobirthing is a full antenatal course and the classes I teach suit both first time and subsequent parents to be. I am also happy to do small, top-up classes for parents who have previously had a hypnobirth and would like a little fresher. Just give me a call and we can chat!

Located in: Middlesex | Surrey


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