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About Me

I am 41, a mother of two. I discovered hypnobirthing during my first pregnancy. I knew I wanted to give birth at home, where I felt safest. I had read about Hypnobirthing and being a primary school teacher I thought more knowledge is a good thing! My husband would not even consider a home birth but after only the first Hypnobirthing session he agreed that I should be where I felt safest. Not only did I feel empowered but so did he, realising that he would be actively involved. Both our children are hypnobirthing babies, born gently and calmly in a birthing pool.  My own experience inspired me to become a hypnobirthing teacher. I am passionate about helping other couples welcome their babies to have the most calm, comfortable and memorable birth possible. Hypnobirthing brings the whole family together right from the beginning!

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal course and teaches you all you need to know about birth.  It is a 10 hour course, taught in 4 sessions (or 2 days). Hypnobirthing helps you to release any worries you have with birthing your baby. By practicing relaxation, breathing and massage techniques that then become like second nature you feel so empowered, so in control, so calm and so excited about the journey you are about to take to meet your baby. When you are in labour you naturally and easily feel calm and relaxed and work with your body to help you birth your baby. Women's bodies were designed to give birth, which is a natural process and one to be welcomed and looked forward to. Hypnobirthing offers you just that.  

Your birthing partner is an important part to the lessons so that your already strong bonds are deepened even further as both of you become a birthing team, practising your parts at home as suits you best, so that when the time comes you are both totally involved and mutually supportive.  My husband will be available at our classes to share his experience of the important role of a birthing partner and will answer any questions you may have!

On booking a place on a class you will be sent the Hypnobirthing Relaxation CD, Colour and Calmness.  At the class you will also be given The Hypnobirthing Book and a folder of handouts to guide your practice at home.  After the class I am there for you to answer questions by phone or email. There is also a free 1 -2 hour refresher class during your last month of pregnancy.


A big thank you for today, it really brought home to us that there is another way to bring our precious Angel into this world, which is so much more empowering than the traditional way you see and hear so much of these days. Thank you for sharing that with us xx Christine xx

My baby boy arrived on Thursday 12th May at 2.15 am. He was born at home, 12 days late according to some but just in time according to him. He weighed 7 and a half pounds, 3415g.
It was a water birth and just a short labour of 6 and a half hours. The first stage started at 1.30 Wednesday morning until 8pm with regular surges every 10 min. I couldn't have done this without Hubbie and Mum taking turns doing light touch massage, encouraging me to rest and reminding me to breathe! I slept through my initial surges because of the light touch massage – amazing! We couldn’t believe it really worked!!! I had a bath, I bounced on the ball, sat on the toilet, leant over a table, was on all fours in the shower and finally got in the birthing pool. I moved a lot! My baby boy came out with his eyes wide open and the first thing he saw was his Dad and then he was scooped up onto my chest. I was ecstatic – he was here, safe in my arms – It had gone exactly the way I wanted! I was so proud.
My midwives had been amazing too. They were so calm and supportive. I’m so glad I did Hypnobirthing!

Marie xxx


The 10 hour course is delivered in four sessions, 4 x 2.5 hour classes on a Saturday morning or weekday evenings.  It can also be delivered on a Saturday or Sunday with 2 x 5 hour classes.

The 10 hour course can be delivered in the comfort of your own home and we can work around the hours that suit you.

There is a free 1 -2 hour refresher class during your last month of pregnancy.

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