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About Me

I am the mother of three beautiful daughters, age 9, 5 and 1, all birthed using hypnobirthing. I was so amazed by my experience of birth, being quite sceptical initially, I found myself desperately wanting to share the empowering experience I had with other expectant mothers. What better way than to teach others what I had learnt. I therefore chose to train as a practitioner with Kathrine Graves. My training is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM), covering three elements hypnosis for birthing, hypnobirthing, and birthing foundation. I am an enthusiastic, friendly and patient teacher. I am passionate about empowering couples to achieve the best possible birthing experience they can. I am a warm and compassionate person who can support you through the training process and beyond. As a mother who has used hypnobirthing to deliver three beautiful baby girls into the workd I know it works and have confidence that it is truly possible to achieve a personally satisfying birth for all involved.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing uses your ability to prepare your mind and body to work in harmony to achieve a calm and peaceful birth. Hypnobirthing allows you to remain relaxed and empowers you to be in control of your body and your birth.

The course encompasses easy to learn and use techniques including breathing, visualisation, deep relaxation and massage. Together we will use hypnosis to release any preconceived worries or fears you may have of birthing your baby.

Hypnobirthing provides you and your chosen birthing partner with the tools, resources and knowledge to achieve the best possible birth for you all. Empowerment and confidence are built as we explore together, how the body functions during birth, and how you can use the techniques to achieve a more efficient birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing actively involves the birth partner. The role of the birth partner is an integral and important part of the process. It can be immensely empowering to know you have played a positive role in the birth of the baby, and can be a wonderful starting point for bonding.

See my website for more information about the benefits of hypnobirthing for mum, dad and baby.


First Time Dad, Cardiff:

So proud to announce the arrival of beautiful baby girl in the early hours, and to say a huge thank you to Lesley for all of her support with the classes.

Speaking personally, I was initially a little sceptical of hypnobirthing - and didn't really see it fitting with my general demeanour of beer, football and pork scratchings...! Don't know why I'd have such a preconception. But was happy to give anything a try to support my wife - and it worked so amazingly well, and ultimately encouraged a positive attitude towards the whole experience which I know made so much difference.

Catherine was incredible during labour. Many hours of practice proved totally worthwhile. Throughout the first stage, she was relaxed and calm - with music playing, a bath and candles all helping at home. Breathing techniques were absolutely crucial and worked so well. Where possible, we moved about and even danced baby down a bit! When we went to the hospital many hours later, they couldn't believe the progress made at home; nor the poise of Cat's breathing techniques. She was fully dilated, and a couple of hours later baby Erin was born.

A huge shout out to the NHS midwives too, who I am in awe of. On Lesley's advice we drafted some birth preferences and they not only respected every single word; but were an amazing support during labour, and the first hours of Erin's life as we started to learn how to care for our newborn.

Lesley's classes were fantastic. We felt instantly at ease, she was friendly and approachable, and I'd recommend the experience to anyone. I do not think labour would have been anywhere near as calm for Catherine without your advice; and some of the lessons we learned will no doubt help us elsewhere in life - not least bringing up our little stunner Erin!

We also used a cord tie - which was a great success, and not something we would have been aware of, or contemplated, without Lesley's advice. The tie itself was certainly a talking point for a few NHS staff, but one almost everyone was very positive about.


I provide private one to one courses in South Wales in the comfort of your own home. I also provide four group courses a year for 3/4 couples, and a quarterly taster session.

The course is run over four 3 hour sessions at your convenience. Included in the price is the Kathryn Graves Hypnobirthing Book and the Relaxation for Birth CD.

Course Prices:

Taster Session: £30 per couple  

Private: £350 per couple (+ travel outside a 5 mile radius of Cardiff)

Group: £200 per couple


Located in: Glamorgan


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