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Your Baby's Caesarean Birth CD/MP3

The positive experience of giving birth by caesarean.  How lucky we are to live in a society where a caesarean is available if needed.

This natural caesarean audio helps you prepare for a caesarean birth so that you experience your baby’s arrival as a positive and happy event.  Available in CD or MP3 format.

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Your Baby's Caesarean Birth CD
The positive experience of giving birth by caesarean. You may have planned a natural birth and then found that a caesarean birth is best for your baby. Be thankful this birth is available, and make it your own, so that your experience of birth is pos... More Information »
Your Baby's Caesarean Birth MP3
There are occasions that we can be extremely grateful that a caesarean birth is available to us. If this is your situation, welcome it, prepare for it, make it your own, and enjoy it. The positive experience of giving birth by caesarean. How lucky we... More Information »


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