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It is especially delightful when we recieve birth stories from the Dads.  Some of them can be a bit sceptical prior, but these testimonials are testiment to the amazing journey they go through after learning about Hypnobirthing and witnessing how powerful it can be.

I Wish the Entire World New About Hypnobirthing

I just wanted to let you know that my wife gave birth to two beautiful twin boys last week using all the skills you taught us. We received your note just in the nick of time and managed to do a last minute refresher for about a week before labour set in. Lots of touch massage, script reading and listening to the CD. Just in the nick of time indeed....

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I Felt in Complete Control

We have been graced with the most beautifully relaxed and contented daughter which we are so thankful for. Her calm personality 'we are sure' is a direct result of the techniques and guidance we received from you during our course in May.As the husband (and birth partner!!) I felt in complete control of the room and discussed with the midwife our ...

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Welcoming, Calming and Empowering

Elsie and I followed your hypnobirthing seminar over New Year's and I wrote on 3 January to let you know that we thought your seminar was great. Elsie was very much afraid of giving birth and the seminar had a very welcoming, calming and empowering effect on her. We practised relaxation and visualisation exercises nearly every day. I am writing to ...

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Andy and Alison

Andy was asked by a colleague recently if he had heard of hypnobirthing as his wife was apparently 'forcing him' to do a course and Andy was delighted to say yes. He believes in it so much he is about to be on the front cover of a book on it! Andy said the chap was quite stunned! It's lovely to hear that more and more people are becoming aware of ...

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Aidan and Ruby

Our first daughter, Mary, was born in a large NHS hospital in Hampstead. The antenatal classes had been very reassuring, we'd been to the lovely new birth centre where all appeared to be calm and relaxation. In the event when my wife, Ruby, was first admitted we were directed to the usual maternity unit, I think due to the baby lying spine to ...

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A father's experience of a hypnobirthing and a non-hypnobirthing birth

My wife and I have three children, one hospital born and two subsequent home births using the Hypno-Birthing technique. To say that we have experienced the extremes of child birth would be to put it mildly. I have seen my wife deliver with both physical and emotional trauma and then have also seen her deliver with a calmness and serenity that defied my previous held belief.

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