KG Hypnobirthing is a complete in-depth antenatal training programme designed to release fear and build confidence during pregnancy and birth.

KG Hypnobirthing – The Best Thing I Ever Did

The best thing I ever did.  Although never planned to - then be so blown away by it that 18 months later I'd be a student midwife !  Katharine Graves is the best teacher.

What is Hypnobirthing? So many ask .... I don't go in to heaps of detail.  I just say it strips childbirth back to basics so you understand your body.  I could not recommend this course enough. If you have a pinch of curiosity go for it!

I Have Found The Missing Link

Thank you for giving generously of your time and wisdom on the hypnobirth training course last weekend. Having been a midwife and am now a practicing Hypnotherapist I feel like I have found the missing link ! I look forward to helping people enjoy a calm birth with the information and techniques you have thought us. - Sarah

She Built Up My Confidence

I just wanted to share with all of Katharine's followers and all fellow Hypnobirthing teachers taught through KG Hypnobirthing my experience- I felt so blessed and lucky to have the opportunity, (which all teachers have), to go and watch one of Katharine's Parents Courses' at St.Thomas' Hospital. I have my first course starting next Monday evening and I was so nervous as to what to say/ how to run the session/ how to split the information into different sessions. Watching Katharine, first hand and hands on with Mums (& fathers) - to - be, was truly inspiring. She is an absolute natural when it comes to teaching and has a passion which is contagious. Katharine's approach to teaching parents is wholesome, nurturing, reassuring and informative. I left felt so comforted, calm and confident and I'm not even about to become a mother! She built up my confidence and reassured me that I will make a great teacher to my parents to be. Thank you Katharine!

Fantastic Support and Advice

Thank you so much for your e-mail and kindly checking on my database listing.  The office were extremely helpful, also giving me some useful advice; it is fantastic to have this kind of support.  - Christine

Great Relaxations

The relaxations and the mind-over-matter exercises were great! - Madelaine

Detailed Knowledge

The detailed knowledge that was given to us in relaxed way with time to ask questions without feeling uncomfortable. - Michelle


Thank you for a wonderful few days. - Venessa

Everything Explained Indepth

I liked how informal and friendly it was, I felt nothing was rushed and everything explained in depth. - Susie

Passionate about KG Hypnobirthing

That is unbelievably kind and thoughtful of you all. Having worked for myself all my life, you have no idea how supported I feel. I am passionate about KG Hypnobirthing.  Thank you.  - Brooke

A Really Inspiring Course

Thank you so much for the inspiring course last week. I am very excited to teach it to couples allowing them to have wonderful empowering births like I did!  - Helene

Thank You So Much For The Opportunity

Thank YOU so much for the opportunity of being involved in such an important and enlightening group. All your pupils fell madly in love with Hypnobirthing!  I'm currently reading your book and slowly working on the assessment and enjoying every second. - Claire

I Have Finally Found My Perfect Career

I honestly can't believe I’ve finally found my perfect career and am wanting to so desperately become a student again. All thanks to Katharine Graves the most amazing woman I ever met who taught me so much.  At 8 months pregnant doing my Hypnobirthing teacher training really changed my life around.  -  Hannah

The KG Hypnobirthing Course is Much Better

Firstly I must say, I think your CDs are wonderful! The family life one really helped me (after 3 times). My kids also like relaxing with it.

I find the course is really great.  I think the KG course is much better than the other one I learnt. - Elizabeth

A Great Career

Thank you for helping me pursue a great career with all your teaching and kindness.

- Danielle

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