KG Hypnobirthing

What did you like best? All of it!

I liked the details on how to put the course together, the syllabus, practising scripts, being given the materials, the simplicity and encouragement.

- Deb

Completely opened my eyes to this amazing subject!

I know in my own experience as a teacher how important it is to be able to inspire, enthuse and build confidence in one's students and I think you are a brilliant, compassionate teacher who has completely opened my eyes to this amazing subject!


Beautiful stories and analogies

The course content for couples was practical and simple. I’m so excited to use the beautiful stories and analogies

- Cathy (Attended the Hypnobirthing Workshop part of the course)

Interesting, informative and fun

Everything was wonderful, and I’m surprised how much I fell I now know.

Thank you so much for a wonderful course. It was interesting, informative and fun.

- Jan (Attended the Birthing Foundation part of the course)

The most meaningful course I have done in a long while

Thank you for a wonderful 6 days – the most meaningful course I have done in a long while.

It started off beautifully with the hypnotherapy workshop and continued just as well. The physiology of labour was explained in a way that is so much easier to understand than reading it from books. I feel more empowered to support couples in achieving the experience that they wish for.

I am very much looking forward to this new and exciting journey.

Alex (Attended the Birthing Foundation part of the course)

I have so much more confidence

Thank you so much, Katharine. Now I have so much more confidence and tools to help other women enjoy their birth experiences.

Jean (Attended the Birthing Foundation part of the course)

A brilliant course

Thanks for such a brilliant course, it was so informative and has given me a lot more confidence in the whole subject.


Superb training

Thank You again for the superb training we had in Sweden! I hope I will start with my hypnobirthing classes as soon as possible!

Åsa - One of your enthusiastic students from Sweden :)

A fantastic five days

Thank you Katharine, they were a fantastic five days and I'm so looking forward to including your beautiful stories and analogies in my courses - my favourite being Norway and unripe blackberries! x


What an inspiring six days

I really enjoyed the course, thank you so much for welcoming me to attend. I learnt so much and met some really wonderful women - what an inspiring six days.


I've at last found a path I feel comfortable walking along!!!

Thankyou so much for a brilliant weekend. So refreshing to find like-minded folk wanting to share and bring the joys of hypnobirthing to as many "out there" as we can.

You are truly inspiring and your whole ethos and approach sits so well with my own approach to life.

Its been an interesting journey of discovery for me regarding hypnobirthing, and its reassuring to know i've at last found a path I feel comfortable walking along!!!

Thankyou for shining that light!!!


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