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Linda cannot stop smiling after Hypnobirthing

I’m delighted to tell you we have a baby girl, Niamh Alexandra, born on 11th Sept at 18:03 weighing 9lbs7ozs.

What can I say about hypnobirthing? It was amazing!

Surges started during the night of Monday 10th September, however, I managed to sleep on/off throughout. I finally began the relaxation/visualisation techniques at 8am and the midwife visited at 10.30am. At this point she said I was 5cm dilated and could go to the maternity unit anytime. She commented several times how well I had progressed and how calm I was.

We arrived at the hospital around 12pm, the midwife filled the pool, and began to get me settled in. Dave ran through the letter and our birth plan. This was a great introduction to hypnobirthing. She’d never been present at a hypnobirth and was therefore very interested and spent a lot of time reading through our hypnobirthing folder. I was going deeper into relaxation and was able to switch off from all conversation and interruption. The midwife continually asked Dave what she should do. He politely informed her “nothing”.

Dave read the affirmations etc throughout and the sound of his voice was exactly what I needed to keep me fully focused and relaxed.

Things seemed to slow at approx 3pm and the midwife began to encourage me to push. I ignored this to begin with and continued to use birth breathing. I finally gave in to the overwhelming urge to push the head and shoulders out. This only required 3 or 4 pushes. Perhaps I didn’t do enough practise on birth breathing? The waters remained intact until baby was born.

I had a few internal tears that required stitching. I was offered gas & air but declined as I felt nauseous. I went back into my relaxation zone to cope with the injections. No problem!

Word spread through the maternity unit that I was “the hypnobirthing lady” and some of the other midwives came to talk with me. I was asked the following day to join in one of the ante natal relaxation classes to talk to the pregnant mums about my experience. I felt great!

I can honestly say all I felt during labour was pressure. I felt fully in control and not at all frightened. I am blown away at the power of my own mind and the hypnobirthing techniques.

We just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful experience and everything you taught us. We will definitely be having another!

I can’t stop smiling and telling people of my experience.

- Linda

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