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Alice Blazy-Winning – Alice Blazy-Winning

Woodlands Terrace , Glasgow, G3 6DF, United Kingdom

Hi I’m Alice, and I’m here to help you have your best birth. 


I’m a hypnobirthing mum of 2 young boys and full-time yoga teacher specialising supporting women through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

“Alice is a fountain of knowledge and wisdom. The techniques I learned were invaluable – I had a perfect birth!” – Sarah Bolland

“I cannot recommend Alice enough! The techniques I adopted in labour meant I was able to have a completely natural birth with no pain relief, for a 9lb 10oz baby – thanks Alice!” – Lucy Conn

“As someone who thought hypnobirthing was a bit too ‘hippie’ for me Alice’s class gave me all the tools I needed to have the calm and relaxed birth I’d hoped for” – Maddie White

Group or private hypnobirthing course – see https://www.aliceblazywinning.com/online-hypnobirthing-course

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