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candice lattimore – CamBirth Support

13 Douglas Way Great Cambourne, Cambridge, Bedfordshire CB23 5AS, England

Cambridgeshire , England

I live in cambourne near Cambridge and offer one to one courses or small group courses currently online via Zoom.


My husband and 2 daughters have lived in the growing community of Cambourne since 2000.

I  have worked as a birth and postnatal doula since 2009, I hold a level 5 foundation degree in Antenatal and postnatal education, am a qualified NLP practitioner specialising in the 3 Step Rewind technique , I  trained wtih BabyCalm and the school of Babywearing and have completed lots of online learning modules with the University of Warwick. All of which has helped me support many families through pregnancy birth and their early parenting experiences

I am keen and excited to be running hypnobirthing sessions currently online via Zoom to small groups or in a more private one to one setting.  Enquiries through my facebook page CamBirth Support or email.

Candie’s advice is superb. She will not tell you what to do, but have a reasoned discussion of options and pathways through the complexityof birth and beyond, guided by evidence and a strong sense of reality. If you push for more detail, she is knowledgeable enough to take it up to pretty much any level you like, and is happy to do so. Phillip and Jess Broadwith

Candie really helped to prepare me for the birth of my son. She is so warm, friendly and knowledgable. Kirsty Slade.

Candie is very knowledgable and approachable about all things pregnancy, birthing and beyond. Laura Calver

 After taking Candies hypnobirthing course I felt much calmer and ready for the birth of our first baby. She arrived in a calm atmosphere with no interventions just as I had hoped but dare not dream of….. I DID IT!!!! Thank you Candie – S Cambridge

I currently offer Zoom sessions of 12 hours, usually over 4 weeks.

There is also an option of 2 sundays which will be 6 hours with breaks in between.

To enquire, email me or contact me through facebook CamBirth Support