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Page Prince – Mylabelle Birth

I have always had a passion for pregnancy and birth, the female body is truly amazing. In my previous career before having my Daughters, I trained healthcare workers in community care and wrote care plans for the people who needed support in their daily living. In pregnancy your Midwife will ask if you want to write a birth plan, this course does not just aim to plan for your birth, it is essentially a care plan for your birth partner and health professionals so they know how you would like to be supported and cared for during your pregnancy, labour, birth and of course post partum. I want to support Mums to be and their birth partners to advocate for themselves and their baby so that they can achieve a calm and confident birth.


Before having my two Daughters, I was awarded my BSc with honours in Psychology and went on to work with young people with learning disabilities. Advocating for others comes naturally to me and now I want to empower families to achieve a calm birth and a confident postnatal experience.

12 hour hypnobirthing course taught over 4 weeks

Breastfeeding course and postpartum support

Newborn preparation