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Constanze Graf – Maternity Tree

Carlisle, Cumbria CA5 7LE, England

Germany, Europe

Hello Mum2Be, Mum, Dad and all the other amazing birth partners,

my name is Constanze and I would love to support you with all my knowledge to celebrate the unique birth of your baby(s) in the way you are looking for, no matter what path the birth will take. 

I am a KGHypnobirthing teacher since summer 2021. I am also a mother of two magical hypnobirthing homebirth-kids and have experienced what it means having an informed partner by my side but also how beneficial hypnobirthing techniques are and how crucial it is to be able making informed decisions.

Do you like my way to think about birth and birth partner?
There are only right questions and after a brief call, you know what you can expect from me and my course.

Take care,
Constanze XX


Constanze Graf | Hypnobirthing, Doula services & Feeding support


I am Constanze – Doula and feeding supporter AND also a wife and mother of two magical children born with confidence and calmness. 
When I came to England in 2017, I have never ever thought about hypnobirthing, homebirths or a calm birth at all. But when I was confronted with the idea of hypnobirthing because of a friend’s experience, my husband and I gave it a try.
And every hour of the course brought us closer together AND gave us the confidence that we already have had everything what we would have needed for a wonderful, individual and may be even calm birth. 

The experience of my own two births BUT also many of the birth stories of other mothers when they came to me as a doula (antentally or postnatally), let me became a hypnobirthing teacher on my own.

I love what I do and it’s what I can give to the world –
Confidence to trust yourself.

1:1 KGHypnobirthing course incl. book and scripts (12 hours) 

  • Flexible dates and times (evening and weekend)
  • Video course via Zoom or Skype 
  • Face-to-face at your place possible (within 50 miles around Carlisle) 

Refresher course (Up to 6 hours)