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Hannah Ketcher – Birthing Sanctuary

I am a KGH registered hypnobirthing teacher. Through this I empower individuals and couples to make choices that are right for them, directing them to sound research to help them to do so. I do this by teaching tools and skills that can be used for birth and beyond.  It increases the chances of having a physiological birth and decreases the need for pharmaceutical measures. It helps women and their partners to have better understanding of the birthing process and improve confidence in their body. You will be given:

  • clear demonstrations about how powerful the mind is
  • access to tried & tested audio scripts for relaxation
  • a complimentary birth bundle as a part of your course.

You will not be asked to do anything that makes you uncomfortable. I do ask that you practice the skills and tools we have discussed in between classes. They take 10-15 minutes daily and can easily be fitted into part of your day, even whilst going to sleep! This is because practice prior to birth helps you to feel empowered and calm about your birth, as well as increasing the effectiveness of the tools during labour.

Many people have a fixed idea about what a hypnobirthing labour looks like. Whilst it is very possible to remain “zen” throughout labour; for some women releasing sound/noise is right for them. You don’t have to be a meditation master for hypnobirthing to work for you.


I’m Hannah, mum to Elijah and fur baby Eve, married to Luke who I am fortunate to have supporting me in all that I do.

I experienced an empowering hypnobirthing homebirth which left me feeling like I could do it all over again the day after my birth. Through the work that I do, I believe you can achieve the birth of your dreams.

I provide individual face to face and online hypnobirthing courses, as well as group face to face hypnobirthing courses.  Each course is over 4 sessions, lasting around 3 hours each.  By doing this course you will not need to attend any other birth preparation courses.  Every course is tailored to the needs of the individuals attending the course.