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Melissa Coleman – My Midwife Mel

Modern maternity care has made women doubt their innate ability to birth their babies. Birth is miraculous, birth is incredible but most importantly birth is natural. When birth is allowed to unfold physiologically, very rarely will any assistance be required. Cast aside all the fears and untruths ingrained by society. Invest in your pregnancy and birth and book a hypnobirthing course.
Hypnobirthing, is a complete antenatal education. To begin with hypnobirthing will help you to understand the physiology of birth, learning about the hormones and muscles which are at play during labour. This element is crucial in order to appreciate how perfectly our bodies and our babies are designed to work with one another during childbirth. The course is also designed to equip you and your birth partner with all the knowledge and tools necessary to master relaxation, visualisation and deep breathing techniques. With practice throughout pregnancy, these techniques can be employed during labour with ease, allowing your mind to switch off, so that your body can do just as mother nature intended.
No matter the path that your labour may take, hypnobirthing techniques are invaluable in helping you remain calm and in control, maximising your chances of having a positive and empowering birth experience.
Hi there, I’m Mel, a 35 year old married mother of 3. I live in north west Leicestershire, in a 1930s house that might actually fall down before my husband and I get round to renovating it.
I qualified as a midwife in 2009. Since then I have spent the following 14 years working within the NHS. In the early years I rotated around the obstetric unit, as most midwives in the NHS do, consolidating and maintaining my skills in all aspects of antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care.
Five years into my career, I craved a new challenge so I moved to London in 2013. I worked in two inner city hospitals and spent most of my time as a core birth centre midwife. I loved it. Witnessing the strength and resilience of so many birthing mothers, watching on in wonder and admiration as labour and birth unfolded with little to no assistance. A year later, I was offered a fully funded scholarship to undertake a Masters in Clinical Research. I read a lot, learnt a lot and used my dissertation topic to delve deeper into women’s experiences of NHS maternity services. It was a fantastic opportunity and I put my all into it but as a graduated I knew I wouldn’t pursue a career in research. I missed ‘being with woman’ and walking alongside families on their journey into parenthood.

In 2015, I moved back to the midlands and knew I wanted to pursue my passion for physiological birth. I secured myself a role as deputy team leader on a newly appointed homebirth service. It was here, on the homebirth team that I found my home. Providing gold standard, evidence based maternity care in a continuity of care model. I feel like one of the luckiest midwives alive, observing first hand the miracle of birth, from a quiet corner in a home environment, just as mother nature intended.

On the homebirth team, I have worked alongside some amazing, like-minded colleagues who have taught me a lot along the way. But I’ve learnt the most from the families that I have had the privilege to care for. I’ve been invited into the homes of countless families, witnessed many humbling births and shed a few tears along the way.

Now, here I am. Embarking on my dream of becoming an independent midwife. No longer bound by the constraints of our beloved but under resourced NHS.

I am an accredited hypnobirthing teacher, aromatherapy trained and specialise in physiological birth at home. I have extensive experience in waterbirth, VBAC and supporting homebirth ‘outside of guidance’. I work for you and only you!

As a mother, I’ve had 1 hospital birth and 2 homebirths, tackled my own breastfeeding challenges and feel like I’m still learning everyday. Despite popular belief, being a midwife did very little for preparing me for the happy, crazy, rollercoaster that is motherhood. I enjoy cooking from scratch (terrible at baking), camping with my family, red wine and ripping things out of my house on a whim.
I can’t wait to meet you and provide the maternity care that you deserve.

When you book any antenatal care package with me, alongside the usual clinical care you will learn all of the hypnobirthing techniques to help best prepare you to feel calm, confident and most importantly in control during your labour and birth.