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Theresa Mounsey – Tree of Life HypnoBirthing Midwife

71 Sutton Road, Kirkby In Ashfield, Derbyshire Ng17 8GY, England

Nottinghamshire , England

Welcome to The Tree of Life Hypnobirthing midwife … My name is Theresa and I have been a midwife for over 16 years.

Are you looking to feel empowered and in control of your own birth? Look no further- I am here to help prepare you on your journey to becoming new parents.

Are you wanting to escape the System of birth that currently stands? Then look no further, I can help guide and support you on your path to parenthood and beyond.


Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Let me tell you a little about myself….

I am Theresa and I qualified as a midwife in 2006 and since this time, I have dedicated my life to guiding, supporting and educating women in order to enhance their birthing experience. I believe in a holistic approach to pregnancy and childbirth.  In 2012 I embarked on a new path- HypnoBirthing. The priviledge I feel to be a part of a womans journey during pregancy, birth and beyond- is amazing! I can’t think of anything else that would give me this amount of satisfaction.

As an in-demand midwife Hypnobirthing Specialist, I am committed to two main principles: providing the highest level of service I can, and ensuring that my prices remain competitive and affordable. This focus on price and service is why so many of my clients are so loyal to me and are happy to recommend me to others.

I’d like to share with you my Testimony of our Hypnobirthing course with Theresa. I have always been fearful of giving birth to the point where before I got pregnant,I always thought I’d rather have a caeserian. However when i got pregnant with my first child, I started to think deeply about this. The recovery time after a c/s whilst trying to look after a baby suddenly didnt look so appealing. My next thought was birthing with maximum amount of pain relief I could get! However something didnt feel right to me personally about this and I was worried about the effects of some of the pain relief on the baby. Whilst at a routine scan I saw a leaflet for HypnoBirthing and it instinctively appealed to me. I went and did some research. The whole idea that the concept of fear makes you more tense, made so much sense to me. I reaslised that my fear of birth was the problem. I contacted Theresa in the hope that they could help me with this fear. I have now completed the course andI can honestly say that my fear of childbirth has completley dissipated, In fact I’m very much looking forward to my birthing experience. The course helped me to relax during my pregnancy and I feel amazing. The course was very informative and Theresa puts you at ease and makes you feel very welcome. I would recommend this course to anyone, it’s worth every penny.

Thank-you for all of your help Theresa.

I have just completed a Hypnobirthing course with Theersa and I have enjoyed every aspect of it. I feel more confident about what will be my second birth and it has opened my eyes to how easy birth can be. I discovered my baby was breeched before my last session and I managed to turn my baby with a single hypnosis session. This I find amazing and how can’t believe how easy it was!

Thank you Theresa for your help and support and I’m looking forward to a relaxed and natural birth.

Jenny – Newark

Jenny has since birthed her baby in the pool with No Pain Relief!!

I just want to say a huge Thank you to Theresa for my course… I have had a needle phobia as far back as I can remember, causing me to have panic attacks. From the day i found out i was pregnant I have been so stressed and feeling guilty that I couldn’t even have have any bloods taken. I would recommend HypnoBirthing to any pregnant lady. HypnoBirthing really works!   Lexi  from Farnsfield Nottinghamhire

KGHypnoBirthing sessions start from £280 including birth partner.

My sessions are approximatley 3 hours long and there are 4 sessions to attend.

You will learn so much, I can help you feel empowered to birth beautifully and full of confidence.