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Charlotte Hart – hart2hearthypnobirthing

Hi and welcome to hart2heart hypnobirthing, my name is Charlotte and I am a practicing midwife, KGH hypnobirthing teacher and a proud mum of one hypnobirthed baby. I offer one to one and group hypnobirthing courses in Essex and the surrounding areas including East London. For more information please visit my website or contact me via email on you can also find me on Instagram @hart2hearthypnobirthing


My name is Charlotte and I am a practicing midwife, KGH hypnobirthing teacher and a proud mum of one hypnobirthed baby. I have years of experience as a midwife and have had the pleasure to be at many different types of birth during my career so far. I have seen how hypnobirthing can help women feel prepared and in control during their pregnancy and go into their labour and birth with a positive mind set. I am passionate about pregnancy, birth and parenthood and believe that antenatal preparation is vitally important. I feel privileged to be able to teach women and their birth partner the techniques of KGH hypnobirthing to enable them to have the birth they want. I experienced personally how powerful hypnobirthing can be when I gave birth to my own baby and I want you to feel the same!

“I became interested in hypnobirthing shortly after discovering the news that I was expecting my second child. I was very nervous about the forthcoming birth having had a traumatic birth experience with my first child.  My hypnobirthing course gave me the knowledge and tools to really help me prepare for labour.  I enjoyed the relaxation and breathing techniques and felt fully empowered and confident that I could use the skills and tools I had gained to have a calm labour without unnecessary medical intervention. I no longer feared labour and really believed that I was strong and capable of having the birthing experience I desired.  Although I was classed as a high risk patient I was able to have a calm and stress free labour without medical intervention and without the use of any pain relief. My baby was calmly and safely delivered and I felt both physically and mentally well immediately after the birth. I would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone, even for those who are seeking just to feel more confident in their preparations for labour and reduce their fears.” (Laura Mother) 

One to one in the comfort of your own home 

Group sessions