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Kirstie Broughton – The Essex Birth Company


Hi, I’m Kirstie.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!

As well as being a KGHypnobirthing teacher I am a birth and postnatal doula, pregnancy yoga teacher, birth workshop facilitator, I support loss, and I have lots of other roles working with pregnant people and new parents.

I’m a mum, a step mum and I’m married to Steve. We live in the Essex countryside. I still use the positive affirmations and relaxations that I learnt when I was pregnant in everyday life to calm and ground me on busy days, I can’t wait to share some of these with you!

I’m truly honoured to have attended lots of births during my time as a doula. The births I’ve attended have varied greatly, from water births at home, to elective and emergency caesarean births. All births matter and I’ve seen hypnobirthing techniques used during all types.

I am passionate about all things related to pregnancy and birth, but particularly about people know their rights and choices. Informed decision making is very important for yourself and your baby. I am also passionate about educating people about how their body and baby work together to make birth an empowering experience.

I love to learn, so if I’m not attending a birth, teaching a yoga class, chairing a meeting with the local maternity service or teaching birth preparation sessions, you’ll find me learning something new, often relating to the work I do and love.  There is a list of my qualifications over on my website on the ‘about Kirstie’ page.

I’m a big fan of Instagram and other social media channels, so if you’d like to find out more about me please take a look and I’d love to hear from you



You can see many testimonials over on my website or on my The Doula Directory profile

I’d love for you to join me for a KGHypnobirthing AND birth preparation programme to gain knowledge, confidence and empower yourself into achieve your best birth!

You can see more about my programme, including a video and taster relaxation script over here on my website

During The Essex Birth Company’s hypnobirthing & birth preparation workshop you will receive…

  • A free gift bag, KGH hypnobirthing book, a manual, doula handouts, additional antenatal education, tea, cake and relaxation downloads.

  • Support from an experienced doula.

  • Tips on how to create a calm and relaxing environment for a positive birth.

  • Education on how the mind body connection works to create an empowering experience.

  • Techniques to increase your chances of having the birth you desire, working with your body.

  • Information for partners on how best to support you. I designed the sessions for both of you.

  • Tips on navigating the maternity system and discussing your rights.

  • Empowerment and confidence to deal with any changes to your preferred birth.

  • Step by step details about labour and birth, looking at what might happen, at what time and what you can do at each point.

  • Practical sessions on breathing and relaxation techniques, plus many tips and ideas on supporting a happy birth.

  • Details regarding many comfort measures, such as, water, TENS, upright birthing, breathing, massage, biomechanics, aromatherapy, optimum foetal positioning and more.

  • Knowledge about medical births, choices, decision making and change.

Workshop details

I can facilitate sessions via Zoom, in your home or in my home overlooking the Essex countryside with tea and cake. 

The workshop is around 10 hours split into either 4 or 2 sessions. Please allow a little more time just in case.

I’m happy to discuss dates and time that suit your family. 

Private sessions are £350 per pair (preferably the person who will be with you during your birth)

Group workshops – coming soon.