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Hollie White-Mjasiri MMus DipHB – The OASIS Birth Company

34, Heathwood Gardens , Swanley, Kent BR8 7HN, England

Welcome to The OASIS Birth Company. We aren’t like other hypnobirthing companies, we specialise in one to one care. Everything is done on a personal level with the highest of standards. Our full antenatal educational hypnobirthing course is taught in three ways, in our group setting in CLASS, or one to one in your HOME, or one to one via ZOOM online, so no matter where you are in the world you can have access to us. We arent here just for the four weeks we will be teaching you, we are here the whole way, through preganncy and your birth until your baby is in your arms. 

 Is Hypnobirthing for me? 

It doesn’t matter if you are having a homebirth, a hospital birth, a cesarean section, or even delivering at any place you can imagine (perhaps a car at night or by the ocean sunrise). Our Hypnobirthing course covers all births, no matter what, when, how or where you give birth. Being fully informed, feeling confident, empowered with self belief and a tool kit full of physical things that you can pull on during your birth, will enable you to feel calm and in control. No matter what way your birth journey takes you, you can reflect and feel empowered knowing you made the right choices for you and your baby. No more traumatic thoughts, just calm, in control, positive mindfulness; that is why, our full antenatal hypnobirthing course is perfect for every parent who wants to achieve the most positive and calm birth. You will get:

  • A great understanding physiologically of your body and how it works during birth, nervous systems, hormones, microbiome, your womb, your brain. 

  • Powerful knowledge on how to close off your conscious mind and allow your subconscious to do exactly what it needs to do to bring your baby into the world through hypnotherapy, relaxations and scripts.  

  • An informed mindset that tells you the pros and cons of medical choices, how to get the most from the NHS and what you are entitled to. 

  • To feel confident about your birth, whether its your first or fifth!

  • Full support through the course, after the course, in your labour, birth and postpartum with our care.  

If you are using a surrogate, we welcome you as a three to our course and are fully supportive of LGBT couples.

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As a proud Mum of two beautiful boys, I feel truly blessed to have experienced the real miracle of life in bringing them into the world. Both are rainbow babies and both were waterbirths using Hypnobirthing.  Sadly, after the loss of my first pregnancy with a missed miscarrage and having to be induced; I felt so deeply shocked and unprepared for my first birth. It was filled with trauma, medications, drips and a real loss of control not understanding what was going on or how I was ever going to get through the birth. The loss taught me so much about myself and the process of birth. From that point I knew my future children would be born with me fully being aware of my decisions, knowing my own mind, my own sense of calm and positivity. 

After falling pregnant again with my eldest, I embraced Hypnobirthing. I was taught a course one to one in my home and it was fantastic. Having a positive, calm birth was the best start I could give my baby and was at the very heart of the reason why I choose to use Hypnobirthing. It was just that a really positive and beautiful experience. Then a few years later and went on to have my youngest Son. Both of my births were beautiful, positive and calm; both as different as chocolate and concrete. As they say no two births are the same! My husband and I worked as a team bringing our babies here together. 

 Being a Hypnobirthing Practitioner with KG Hypnobirthing and The Royal College of Midwives has been such an amazing journey. Having the skills to share my knowledge, passion and training with other women, knowing you can make a difference and being a real trusted part of a birth mums journey is such an honor. There is no feeling like it. I was one of those who feared birth, now I am empowering women of how beautiful, fearless and calm birth can be, so they too have a positive birth. I love supporting women right the way through from our course to birth. Seeing their fear melt away and confidence grow in trusting their bodies is just the most beautiful transition. 

As a film composer and musician, I am very much in touch with emotions. I am a loving, sensitive, empathetic and passionate person. In order to do those creative things my mind is always open, my senses and soul relaxed, trusting in my subconscious mind to just be in that moment. Painting rhythms, as I breathe deeply, taking every emotional feeling in and recreating that with notes in a score. When I am composing an orchestral score, I feel the surges of the music, the waves of emotion. Just as it begins, it too has an ending, telling a story with its movement through sections, reflecting huge similarities with the whole process of birth and labour. During my own hypnobirthing labours, I used certain scores as anchor to my breathing. Scores that had certain growth and movement allowed me to sway and baby dance, while harmoniously breathe with the notes as they painted the next wave of emotion. I would close my eyes and just be right there, in that calm, coordinated, relaxed and harmonious state. This is why I love being able to tailor any scripts, relaxations and affirmations for my mums/couples. Having access to my own recording studio gives us such freedom to really tailor the course for the individual. 

So you want to know more, check out my birth accounts to know more about my own labours, or to find out more about hypnobirthing explore the site. If you have any questions dont hesitate to get in touch.  

  • I couldn’t recommend Hollie and The OASIS Birth Company’s Hypnobirthing courses enough. When I first approached Hollie, recommended by a friend, I was PETRIFIED of giving birth. It has always been a life-long fear of mine and was one of my first thoughts when I discovered I was pregnant.

    Safe to say, by the time I had my gorgeous daughter, Elsie, and even mid-way through the course, I was elevated of all my fears.

    Hollie’s course was informative, interactive, exciting and personal to me and my journey. I loved every minute of our sessions and Hollie always went above and beyond to provide exciting exercises, information, activities and resources to shift my way of thinking.

    I practiced my Hypnobirthing breathing with my custom-made meditation soundtracks, did my course reading and completed fun activities.

    I had an emergency C-section, though I was able to easily and quickly adjust to this change in my birth plan, drawing on the mental and physical resources from my Hypnobirthing toolkit and hospital bag, all advised by Hollie.

    I have recommended Hollie’s course to friends, all who have benefited hugely from it. I carry everything I’ve learnt from Hollie in my day-to-day life, whenever I’m feeling anxious or on edge, I revert back to my breathing techniques.

    Hollie and I still keep in touch and she is always there to provide a kind word, support and a helping hand. She is a remarkable, inspirational woman and I’m delighted to see her business become such a success. Thank you for everything Hol! xxx


  • I could not recommend the Oasis birth company and Hollie more!

    Hollie is always warm-hearted, informative, interactive, exciting and funny! I loved her recordings of relaxation and affirmations – her voice is aaaaammmaaaazing! Also the videos for the birth itself (upbreathing/ downbreathing) did move me to tears. All the materials she creates are beyond perfect!

    I really appreciated being able to work with her on my fears before birth and even during birth! She was ALWAYS there for me – texted me to ask how I felt or am that day. Even during labor she took the time to speak to me and made the whole “giving birth whilst Corona restrictions apply” a good one. She never leaves a mommy behind! Hearing her gentle voice of the recordings during labor helped to get deeper into relaxation! Thanks Hollie for being there for us <3

    Please, give it a try and experience it yourself…


See our website for our full testimonials 

We take great joy in being able to teach you our full educational

antenatal hypnobirthing course, using the KG Hypnobirthing method.

You can book our course anywhere from

12 weeks – 36 weeks.

If you are 36 weeks plus, please contact us regarding this. For hypnobirthing to work, practise is KEY, so don’t hesitate to start your journey early.    

You can book online via our website, or if you wish to talk to us first, please dont hesitate to give us a call or email us. 

Our Full Course for ALL BIRTHS is taught in three ways – 

  • one to one in your HOME
  • one to one on ZOOM online – WORLDWIDE 
  • or in our CLASSES as a group setting 

 IF you know you are having a Cesarean Birth, we are able to offer a shorter course dedicated to hypnobirthing via Cesarean delivery. Please contact us to book. 

We will be doing a CONFIDENCE FOR BIRTH relaxation morning locally in Hextable, Kent in MAY 2023. This is a short two hour session, with a relaxation and short talk on how to let go of anxiety for birth. It can be used as an add on class to our full course, or simply a way to have a taster of what we offer. IF you would like to book, please book via the wesbite. 

What ever route you choose, we wish you all the very best in finding the right hypnobirthing teacher and course, so you are truly supported at this very special time in your life. It is simply an honour to work with every mum and we hope to be on a journey with you soon. 


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