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Jessima Cavaye – moonstonemidwife

London, London w11 2AR, England

Jessima is an experienced midwife with over 11 years experince in both NHS and private care. Offers an holistic approach to childbirth and parenting, is passionate about empowering women and thier partners by sharing  knowledge and wisdom so they can be fully informed.


I am a practicing midwife with 10 years experience working in the NHS and private care. Trained at Kings college London and working at a busy London hospitals has provided me a wealth of knowledge and opportunities. I with am passionate about sharing my wisdom to expectant parents to empower them to feel confident and prepared for birth.

I offer a holistic approach to childbirth and parenting. Based in west London I teach small group sessions or individual couples at a pace to suit their needs. I believe birth is a right of passage and all women deserve to be supported to reclaim childbirth.

online classes ( worldwide)  face to face , 121 private classes in your own home and small initmate group sessions in north/west and west london venues.

Thank you for such an informative and inspiring course. I left feeling deeply encouraged and so much better informed about all the preperation i can do for as natural birth as possible. I really appriciate the clarity and passion in which you delivered on the day.

I cannot belive how much you fitted in. Thank you for teaching me all the hypnobirthing priniciples and normalising these as life techniques. I feel incredibly fortunate to have attended your course and can honestly say from feeling pretty daunted and clueless about birth and babies, i now feel very excited and much more empowered to trust my body and its instincts. 

I am a practicing midwife with over 10 years experience , a real birth workshop teacher trainer, a Brazelton practioner, trained counsellor and have aditional training in baby massage, complementary therapies for post dates induction of labour, homeopathy and newborn feeding expert.

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