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Helen Healey – The Pregnancy Life

Merseyside , England

I have trained to become a Hypnobirthing teacher with Katherine Graves and I’m fully qualified to deliver the KG Hypnobirthing course, which is the only Hypnobirthing course to be accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

The service I offer will provide you and your birthing partner with strategies and education on how to prepare for the birth of your baby.

I offer online classes and face to face. 


My name is Helen and I am a mum of two. My full hypnobirthing journey began in 2019 when pregnant with my second child. Having carried anxiety and worry my whole life about ‘labour’ it came as no surprise to me when I had a relatively difficult birth with my first child (lengthy and assisted). However I was determined to do what I could to make my second birth a more positive experience. Being a nurse with over 10 years experience, hypnobirthing appealed to me because it is grounded in scientific theory. It is an educational resource to help understand how birth works from a psychological perspective.  Most importantly hypnobirthing teaches you what you can do to make sure the necessary mix of hormones and muscles required to birth a baby are able to do their job, uninhibited.

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