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Suzanne Arnold-Murray – Instinct Birthing

Instinct Birthing offer a logical, simple and practical Hypnobirthing course for all pregnant people and their birth partners. Our hypnobirthing course is the best antenatal class you can do to prepare you for a calm and confident birth that everyone deserves. We will give you the knowledge and support network to empower you to trust your instinct, your body and your baby.

Based in Southwell, Nottingham, Instinct Birthing offer private, group and online classes to suit all requirements.


Hello, I am Suzanne and Instinct Birthing is my baby (metaphorically speaking of course!)

I am a mum of two and have two hypnobirths under my belt, both different experiences but the one constant was being in control, being calm and then feeling euphoric (that might have been 3 constants!) I am so passionate about hypnobirthing I decided to train to be a teacher so I can support others to have positive birth experiences.

For me, hynobirthing is going back to basics, understanding what your body is built to do and how you can use your mind to support it. Anyone can do hypnobirthing, this isn’t about being a goddess or a hippy (things I have heard it described as!) it is a simple, logical antenatal course that will encourage and support you to trust your instinct and tune in to what you feel is right.

I would love to support you on your journey towards birth. 

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