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Steph McGee – Oxford Hypnobirthing & Steph McGee Hypnotherapy

The Treetops Practice, Butts Road Horspath, Oxford, Oxfordshire OX331RH, England

I love Hypnobirthing and have had 3 hypnobirths. All births were calm & relaxed and I enjoyed giving birth! 

My passion is supporting you through your hypnobirthing journey, helping to develop your knowledge & skills & seeing your confidence grow! I refuse to dumb down the ‘Hypno’ in Hypnobirthing. After all, it’s where hypnobirthing began. So I give you all the incredible hypnotic insights that are usually kept to us hypnotherapists.

I give everyone full support through pregnancy – not just the private clients. So which ever hypnobirthing course you book with me – you can contact me anytime for a chat.

Online hypnobirthing classes mean that we stay safe & cut down on travel time. So my prices reflect this easy & streamlined approach.

Group Hypnobirthing courses:

Both evening & weekend courses in Oxford, Thame & Witney. Group courses are a lovely way to meet other likeminded parents.

Private Hypnobirthing courses:

Book your 4 classes for daytimes, evenings or weekends and as far apart as you like. Classes are all about your pregnancy, your needs and technques and language patterns can be adjusted (or created) just for you. This option is usually favoured by those with very busy diaries or bespoke requirements.

KG Hypnobirthing can give you the knowledge and confidence to prepare for a calm birth – Body & Mind. You can feel confident about the decisions you may face in pregnancy and birth, knowing that you have options.

I am also a Clinical Hypnotherapist so in addition to your hypnobirthing requirements, I can also help with morning sickness, hyperemesis gravidarum, breach babies, antenatal & postnatal depression, fears including tokophobia & any general anxieties you may wish to lift before parenthood.

My peaceful Hypnotherapy Practice is just outside the city of Oxford. You will find a reliable, flexible service which is to tailored to you – in person or online –classes, in clinic, your home or local group class venues.

As a hypnobirthing mummy I have experienced the benefits of Hypnobirthing first hand and am passionate about empowering other mothers & partners to have a calm, confident birthing experience whatever their birthing choices or situation. The benefits of a good birth are endless.


I am a three time Hypnobirthing mummy, and Clinical Hypnotherapist with a peaceful therapeutic practice just outside Oxford city, but I go wherever my works takes me. I run popular group courses in Oxford, Thame and Witney but also offer private classes  across Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. 

I have experience and training in several types of Hypnobirthing and have 3 very positive births and 3 happy hypnobabies! As well as delivering the highly regarded KGHypnobirthing course, I offer hypnotherapy for fertility, morning sickness, antenatal & postnatal services and have great success turning Breech babies with Hypnotherapy. I am also trained in Rewind Technique (closure without disclosure) which is beneficial for clients with previous traumatic experiences.

Before hypnotherapy, my years of scientific learning (biology & psychology) led me to a long and rewarding career in the emergency services. I was able to support people who were often going through the most stressful & challenging times in their lives and am delighted to continue supporting people as a Hypnotherapist. Hypnobirthing is one of my greatest pleasures as a therapist. Having a baby is a pivotal time in your life, and Hypnobirthing brings invaluable calm and confidence to it. Your memories of your babies birth will last you a lifetime, so let’s make them positive!

Eliot’s hypnobirth was totally different to the exhaustion and terror I had felt throughout the brith of my first child. With Steph & Oxford Hypnobirthing I felt a million dollars! I got my natural hypnobirth and my experience just shows how different two births can be. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing and finding someone like Steph, who can show you how to use it is equally as wonderful in my book! Emma – Abingdon

Hypnobirthing allowed me to go with the flow of pregnancy and birth. It put me in a positive, calm and accepting state of mind, which was so important as it was my first pregnancy and I didn’t know what to expect from labour. Steph worked with me in the final months of my pregnancy, guiding me through the hypnobirthing exercises and what I might expect in labour. Her gentle, positive and loving manner was so important in making me feel excited and relaxed about the last stages of my pregnancy and my labour. 

My partner was great at helping me through the hypnobirthing exercises, which we used during labour. During labour, the element of time disappeared, with my partner’s voice leading me through contractions calmly and confidently. I just kept telling myself to surrender, that each contraction was nudging my baby closer to us. I visualised water flowing downwards, and flowers opening. My labour was relatively short for a first timer, and the midwife was surprised at how calm the birth was with a 3 minute gap between delivering my baby’s head and his body – which was the easiest part!  My partner says I just breathed the baby out…which is a beautiful way to think of our boy arriving into this world. 

 Namvula – London

Having been in a birthing room before with my sister, this was my second experience! I felt like hypnobirthing prepped me with tools to go to, making me more confident and more efficient during my partner’s labour. Meeting with Steph taught me that a calm environment is essential for this process. I know the process helped my partner, as her labour was just over 8 hours, but in real time it felt like 5 minutes when we look back at it. Thank you Steph! 

 Jerome – Zambia  I found Steph’s hypnobirthing course to be educational, positive and inspirational! The deep relaxation techniques and understanding how they can add benefit were very useful to me, particularly prior to the birth of my son. I would recommend Steph’s course to anyone who wishes to broaden their understanding of pregnancy and childbirth and who needs some support to relax and take time to consider and plan how they wish to prepare for the birth of their baby. Katie – Oxford 

I offer felixibility. If you can’t make a group class, catch up on another course or mix & match with private classes. 

All classes are currently online via Zoom. Prices are adjusted accordingly to reflect this.

Group KG Hypnobirthing courses are available in:

  • Horspath just outside Oxford
  • Witney
  • Thame – courses are on demand
  • Or book a private group course with your nct friends!

Private 1:1 Hypnobirthing classes are available throughout Oxford, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & Northamptonshire. My furthest clients have been in Wales & India!

Private classes are the luxury. Classes are bespoke to you and focus on your pregnancy. I can adapt Hypnobirthing language patterns & mindfulness and make them unique to you! 

I suggest you book classes to start after 20 weeks. 26-35 weeks seems the most popular & allows for plenty of practice. But it’s never too late, some start as early as 17 weeks, some as late as 41 weeks!

Condensed packages are available for repeat KG hypnobirthing mothers who want a refresher.

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