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Aimee Broome – Hypnobirthing with Aimee

103 Freeston Avenue , St Georges, Shropshire TF2 9EW, England

Hi, my name is Aimee and I am the founder of Hypnobirthing with Aimee. My aim is to ’empower parents, one birth at a time’.
Having been an expat, living away from family during COVID-19 when I had my first son, I needed to seek support from elsewhere and hypnobirthing was the answer. Hypnobirthing quite literally changed my life, my husbands life, our whole outlook on birth and also my understanding of how incredible my body can be when in the right environment.

If you wish to experience the same life changing transformation and have the empowering, calm and relaxed birth you wish for, then completing one of my courses is the way to do it.


First and foremost, I am mum to my son Ruben and wife to my husband Carl.
I’ve been a teacher for 13 years, I have a Masters in education and a huge passion for supporting birthing people through this incredible journey we call birth.

I am originally from the UK, Shropshire to be exact, but have lived in Qatar for the last 7 years. We, as a family, are about to embark on our newest adventure by moving country again to Oman in the Middle East.

As you might expect, my online courses are highly in demand as it allows people to join the courses from anywhere is the world, and also allow other family members to join too regardless of which time zone they are in. Life as an expat can be challenging, but it’s my mission to enable birthing people to have the support they deserve regardless of where they are in the world.


Massively enjoyed and am grateful to have done the course. Aimee was really brilliant and I’ll 100% be recommending her to any parents to be 💜 – Nicola

Easy, digestible and understandable content. The structure and flow of the course has been beneficial providing basic knowledge – all the sciency stuff through to on the day! My husband and I opted for the private classes which really allowed us to cater the course to us, asking questions that were relevant to our choices. Aimee’s cool and easy demeanor means you can ask even the most embarrassing of questions, it’s not all glitz and glam. Highly recommend all expecting mothers to take up the classes with Aimee. – Anika

The content and delivery of the course was excellent. As a birth partner it was really engaging and there was a clear focus on how we can support mum ahead of, and during, the birth process. – Ben

We both really enjoyed the course. We are looking forward to a positive birth experience using all the strategies you have taught us. Thank you so much! – Kat

It was so good and even as people who have done this before we now feel so much more confident going into the birth. I’d recommend Aimee’s courses to anyone having a baby. Also the demonstrations are great! – Rachel

The course was very informative and has prepared us for what is to come. We valued each session and preferred the private element. – Tess

My husband and I did the full 10 hours private course which we both found very informative. Before starting the course I was very apprehensive about giving birth and had a negative view because of stories I had heard from others. Aimee was friendly and made us feel very comfortable from the first session and as we continued with each session, my view of birth began to change. I now feel positive and feel ready for however my birth story may be. Between the sessions, Aimee was available to answer questions and the materials she gave us were very helpful. I loved that she tailored the sessions to our particular circumstances. Thank you Aimee for all your help and advice. – Rahma

Fab session with Aimee! It was extremely informative and well delivered. Both my husband and I learnt so much and feel so much more prepared for the birth of our second baby. Aimee was very supportive and offered great practical advice and resources. She is extremely knowledgeable in all things birth related. Aimee’s Hypnobirthing course is an absolute MUST for any expectant parents. – Sarah

My husband and I did Aimee’s private hypnobirthing course in November 2022. It was very insightful and informative for us being first time parents. After the course, I felt it put my mind at ease, I wasn’t as anxious about birth and it prepared us with the knowledge to help with any situation that may arise. We would strongly recommend Aimee’s course to any expectant parents :) – Isobel

We recently took Aimee’s positive hypnobirthing course to help prepare for the arrival of the 4th member of our family. Aimee is an amazing hypnobirthing instructor who puts you at ease right from the start. She is a great listener, knowledgeable about hypnobirthing and flexible to our needs, adapting the course accordingly. The resources were insightful and were explained in highly relatable manner. Aimee empowers everyone involved in the process including our three year old son (who is a big fan of Aimee) and we are grateful for her help. – Ross

I offer both online and in-person courses, in group and private settings to suit your needs.

Please reach out, DM me on instagram or email me to arrange a free discovery call to see how I can support you through this incredible journey.