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Lucy Shutes – Doulababes

Hypnobirthing can lead to calmer more relaxed birthing experience.  By using the techniques and practising them regularly it can be a life changing tool which can be used after birth and into parenthood.


I am a Registered Nurse trained in Aberdeen in 1979.  I have loved my nursing career and all the opportunities it has provided.  I have lived all over the world and I have been fortunate enough to use my nursing qualification to work in lots of interesting different areas, for example, setting up a health screening programme for local Indonesian Mothers to promoting women’s health in Dubai.

I have three children. Born in 1988, 1991, and 1994.  My first was a long drawn out affair which ended in a c-section.  The other two were completely different.  I even enjoyed them, I was calmer and better prepared, I believed in my ability to birth.

I became a Doula in Dubai with Nurturing Birth in 2009.  It was wonderful and fascinating to be part of the birth process and to give support to couples entering parenthood.

I came across hypnobirthing as a doula.  I was lucky enough to support a Mum throughout her birth while she used hypnobirthing.  It was such a calm, orgasmic and empowering experience for her and her partner and her baby, that I decided to become a hypnobirthing teacher.  I have since seen many babies born this way and feel so passionately about spreading the word.

I looked into doing my hypnobirth training with various schools, ie Natal or Marie Mongan but decided Katharine Graves was so much more relevant and would be better based here in the UK.  I have loved the course, the support and have met so many really inspirational people through doing the training.

Lucy gave us so much in preparing for the birth of our baby. Her knowledge and experience helped us feel confident with the choices which ultimately lead to a birth full of joy and intense power! I cannot recommend her enough. We started in her cosy special Douladen, but had to change to Zoom, which has been great! Apart from missing out in the womb-like douladen, Zoom enabled us to maintain our classes, and even after our baby arrived Lucy gave us breastfeeding support which was a huge help. Thank you Lucy forever we are grateful. K, D and Joy. May 2020

Even though our birth did not go as we had planned, I know that hypnobirthing helped us through. It kept us relaxed and I am so grateful to you Lucy for giving us the confidence and belief. Mark 

“Hypnobirthing gave me and my Husband the birth that we had been hoping for. Lucy told us that it matters HOW you have your baby, and we really took this to heart. She gave us the confidence to stay at home longer (I would never have had the confidence to do this and would have gone into hospital at the first sign of labour!). My hubsand was brilliant and was even telling the midwife to go and have a break! If you are thinking of hypnbirthing DO IT!!! Thank you Lucy.

Eli and Jason”

 “As a first time Mum approaching forty I was both excited and nervous about having a baby.  Lucy was recommended to me and she has been an invaluable support throughout the experience, from helping me with breathing preparation through Hypnobirthing and planning my birth through to support and advice after my son was born.  We are both very fond of Lucy and would recommend her to anyone.”Amanda                                                        

“Lucy has been amazing and I couldn’t of done it without her help. She has been like a mother to me.”


Thank you Lucy,

Thank you also for the course. Ian and I feel much more positive and empowered. I’m actually looking forward to it which I can’t say I was a few weeks ago!!

Vicky xx

Can’t thank you enough for the invaluable guidance we have had throughout my pregnancy, can’t wait to fill you in once the little one arrives xxx Charlotte and Pete                                                  

I was just flicking through your folder of notes today again and just kept thinking how wonderful our experience has been with you. If I had known I would have done this a lot earlier but better late than never.

I tend to do shorter sessions (when using Zoom) 1hour – 1.5 hr which is a win-win because we will connect more frequently duing your pregnancy.

My course is 10-12 hours of regular sessions at a time to suit you and your partner.


For the private/individual class: £250

I teach hypnobirthing one-to-one in the comfort of your own home.

If you have already had a baby and just need a reminder, or ‘top up” then I am happy to help. Just call for a chat.


 I am currently not doing group classes, but if you wish to bring along to the Zoom meeting your support person, (other than your partner, so a doula, or relative,or friend) then that person is welcome too. 


Call for more information or check out my website:

Mob: 07526 116850

Home: 01483 890831

Many thanks for reading.

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