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Rachael Hope-Jones – Midwife for Life

Why does no one ever tell you what pregnancy is really like? And how is it that you’re a grown-up and you still don’t really know where babies come from – never mind how they actually come out?

Pregnancy and birth are nothing like what you see on social media and TV. There is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ birth, but together we can work towards your positive birth experience. In the age of Google, we are surrounded by information and images, and it can be so hard to cut through the noise. Then alongside all the different opinions out there it can be completely overwhelming.   

Take control of your experience, invest in yourself and book in for a class today.

I look forward to meeting you and your growing bump!


When I worked in the NHS I saw how so many people didn’t know what was happening to their body in labour, and this lead to them feeling scared and unable to make the right decisions for them. From this Midwife for Life was born! My mission is to empower everyone on their pregnancy journey and allow them to embrace their experience. Pregnancy is such a special time and it shouldn’t be overshadowed by feelings of anxiety and fear.

So, what’s with the name? Well, let me explain. In Sweden a midwife looks after women from puberty all the way through to menopause. Acting as a support through all those life changes. This is what I want to do, focus on support you through these times of change. 

Rachael is amazing!

She really knows her stuff and both my partner and I feel a lot more confident with my upcoming labour!

Thank you so much!

The course was absolutely brilliant, informative, relaxed and there was nothing that you felt you couldn’t ask!!

My husband found the course really helpful and he feels more prepared as to what to expect during the labour!

Can’t recommend enough.

Please see my webiste for upcoming classes. I am always avaliable for one to one sessions. 

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