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Helen Harris – Saptavarna Yoga

The Cottage Church Street, Kilham, Yorkshire East YO25 4RG, England

Yorkshire North , England

I am so pleased you are considering taking a KGHypnobirthing course during your pregnancy to work towards positively and calmly birthing your baby. The KGHypnobirthing course gives you the vital knowledge and tools that every parent to be, should be able to access when bringing a little one into the world.

It is informative, educational, fun, relaxing, empowering and most of all, relevant to all who will be involved at the birth – allowing time for all the necessary information to sink in – helping you make informed choices and allowing those skills to be practiced and those vital preparations to start as soon as possible towards the best birth for you and your baby.


Hi, I’m Helen. I live in the Yorkshire Wolds with my husband, our three boys who are 9, 6 and 4 and our Irish Terrier!

I teach Yoga, including pregnancy and postnatal yoga (this is inclusive for mums and babies). I teach Hypnobirthing.

I am passionate about helping others, in any situation.

Through my own practice and teaching yoga to others, I am fascinated by how the breath can work to calm and heal the mind and body.

I believe that every woman and her birth supporter(s), should be educated and informed as they move through pregnancy towards birth.


I aim to empower a mother to be, informing her of the changes in her body she can expect to see and why, the process of pregnancy, informing her about the process of birth, how and which hormones work in pregnancy and labour. All the time building her strength and stamina, her inner focus and her power to birth her baby.

I aim to provide all necessary information to help informed choices to be made.

I am testament to the fact that hypnobirthing works. My third baby was a hypnobirthing baby – arriving in true serene circumstances, completely in control and with very little intervention.

A marked difference from my first two birth stories – all the same I wouldn’t change them as they made me who I am today, richer, stronger, wiser and completely full of gratitude that I am the mother of three healthy boys.

My own journey into motherhood gave me a strong desire to help others preparing for birth. I feel very fortunate to be able to pass on the beauty of KGHypnobirthing.

Coming soon.

Group course will be run in and around the East Yorkshire area.

Private courses can be done at your home address or at an agreeable venue for both parties.

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