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Melinda Pagden – Nurture Sheffield

S8 Meersbrook area., SHEFFIELD, Yorkshire South S2 4LR, England

I am a registered midwife.  I have been a midwife since 1983 and have worked in all areas of midwifery, in the maternity hospitals and for 18 years as a community midwife.  I was one of the first midwives in the one to one caseloading team in Sheffield for 10 years. I also provided a complementary therapy service in the community and for 7 years at the Jessop Wing maternity hospital in Sheffield.  I am now semi-retired and work as a bank midwife at the Jessop wing.

I am qualified in a number of complementary therapies including Hypnobirthing and offer treatments from my own therapy room in Sheffield S8 area.  My courses can be arranged either at my home or clients house.  Currently I am running courses on line due to the current situation.


As well as being a qualified nurse and midwife, having worked as a midwife for over 30 years, I am a mother of 3 grown up children and currently have two grandsons.  I worked as a community midwife for 18 years and a caseload midwife for 10 of these, caring for my families throughout their pregnancy, birth at home or in hospital and postnatally up until their baby was a month old.  A high number of the women on our caseload had their baby at home, but we also cared for women with more complex pregnancies in hospital.  Over the past 21 years I have qualified in a number of complementary therapies which I have incorporated into my midwifery practice, such as Massage, Shiatsu, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and teaching baby massage. I offered a course of baby massage to the team’s families which I really enjoyed, especially as I could see the babies grow and develop after 1 month of age!  I also worked as a complementary therapy midwife with a colleague at the Jessop Wing hospital, one day a week for 7 years.  

I trained in teaching Hypnobirthing with Katherine Graves in 2014 and have enjoyed teaching this to many parents waiting for the special day their baby/babies arrive.

I am now semi retired and work part time on the hospital wards and as a flu/COVID vaccinator as well as a private complementary therapist.

I  love caring for famiies having their babies and feel passionate in promoting a positive birth experience.  Each birth is unique and I feel priveledged to be with the family at this special time.

Testimony from Gemma and Mike

Melinda is a truely inspirational person and midwife and I feel blessed to have known her for seven years now. Firstly as a colleague and manager, then friend, therapist (providing reflexology and massage) hypnobirthing teacher and latterly my own midwife throughout the duration of my three pregnancies, labours and births.

During my time working with Melinda in the one to one case loading team I learned some incredibly valuable lessons. She brings real joy and love to the midwifery profession. She is not only extremely knowledgeable but also an outstanding teacher which has subsequently shaped the way I practice as a midwife. She is a wonderful midwife who manages to balance professionalism with genuine warmth, affection and sincerity towards her women. It’s clear she cares a great deal about each mother and baby she helps and always looks out for what is best for both.Throughout each of my pregnancies I have been fortunate enough to have had Melinda’s much needed support and she has helped me birth two of my babies at home. The last one being only five months ago. Her calm presence, knowledge and experience along with her hypnobirthing teaching allowed my birthing experience to be calm and empowering. I cannot recommend Melinda highly enough. For me she embraces everything a true midwife should be- family focused, caring, sensitive, warm sense of humour, and at the same time astute, meticulous and probably the most informed midwife I have ever met. She is an inspiration as a colleague and a friend, I hope to enjoy working with her for many years to come.Gemma Melinda has been the midwife throughout the pregnancies and births of my three children and in each instance she has been nothing short of wonderful. She spent a great deal of time during each pregnancy ensuring that both my wife Gemma and I knew exactly what to expect and that we were fully prepared for the birth of our baby. Thanks to her help and guidance we learned a great deal of relaxation and hypnobirthing techniques which greatly helped during the births. She was a fantastic calming influence on gemma but also ensured I was ok and helped me to be fully involved in the process. Looking back, and from my point of view, each birth was an incredible experience due in no small part to the support we received from Melinda. One final element that stands out for me has been the continued help, support and friendship that Melinda has offered beyond the births and we all think of her as a very dear friend to our family.Mike 

I am currently providing individual couple courses, however I am happy to do a group course if wished.

please contact Melinda for details and bookings.

I look forward to meeting you at a course.