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Cortown , Kells, A82D5W0, Ireland

Hi, my name is Paula and I work as a Midwife in a busy Dublin hospital. Ever since training as a midwife I’ve been interested in hypnobirthing and I cared for women who used hypnobirthing and they birthed wonderfully and naturally without any pain relief. I know its hard to believe but they hardly made a sound whilst birthing their babies. I was amazed and still am!! I can help you on your journey to a calm,controlled birth. Where the mind gos the body follows.


I am a busy mother of three children and I’ve worked as a Midwife since 2000 and before that a Nurse from 1991. I work part time in a busy Dublin maternity hospital and I trained with Katharine Graves hypnobirthing in November 2018 and I received my Diploma in March this year. I have attended hundred of births and I feel very lucky to have cared for women who have used hypnobirthing for their births. I am passionate aboaut normality in pregnancy and labour and I believe women should have choice, continuity and control. Hypnobirthing can also be used by women who are having a caesarean too and it really suits women who have a fear of birth, as it helps break the fear,tension, pain cycle that inhibits the release of natures laove hormone ocytocin. I am in the process of developing my business of teaching hypnobirthing and I have yet to come up with a name and purchase a URL.Very hard to juggle all the balls when you work and have three children to care for and a husband of course!

KGH Diploma in Hypnobirthing March 2018

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