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Irene Irving – Irene Irving Therapies

Wellington House 24 Wellington Square, Ayr, Ayrshire KA7 1HG, United Kingdom

Finding out you are pregnant is one of the most wonderful experiences in life.  However, it can also bring new fears and worries and all too often all you hear is negative birth stories.    KGHypnobirthing makes sure you are equipped with all the information, tools and techniques you need to make sure you and your baby have the best birth experience possible.  


Hi I am an experienced Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Teacher with a passion to help women experience the best possible birth experience using KGHypnobirthing tools and techniques.  I think women have the opportunity to be better informed  and have more say in what they do and don’t want during pregnancy and  labour.   KGHypnobirthing involves the partner through the whole experience (if that is what the mother wants) and makes sure you are equipped with the information you need to make your birth experience wonderful.    

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