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Rose Galbraith – And Breathe.. hypnotherapy and reiki

KGH hypnobirthing ensures you have a wealth of easily digested in-depth information,  enabling you to make choices during your pregnancy and birth journey  based on current evidence based practice.  A calmer, gentler empowering birth experience, with only the most necessary interventions if required.

I’m Rose, a mum to three adults, and grandma to two lovely granddaughters.  My birth experiences were very much ‘ do as you’re told, lie there, do this’. My abiding memory is being told to keep the noise down , people are trying to sleep!   Giving birth is such a powerful and life changing event, yet it has slipped into medicalisation, becoming very often doctor led and women turn into submissive patients.   We have rights and choices and KGH hypnobirthing supports women to have the most natural, gentle amazing experience possible, however you birth your precious baby.  Naturally, c-section or anywhere on between, all benefit from the teachings, as all are useful and adaptable on the go, as situations evolve.  I’ve been a healthcare support worker in a maternity unit, I am a birth doula, a reiki master and a hypnotherapist, and feel very strongly that women can do anything, now I’ll show you how!  Look forward to meeting you soon.

Either a two day 10.00 to 1800 course, or four evenings of two hours each, KGH classes can be tailored to your requirements.  Either 1 to 1 , just yourselves and me, or as part of a small group. Either way, the course delivers a fun, easily understood yet very detailed wealth of information, much needed to build confidence in you, and your ability to make the right choices for your family.