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Donna Mouat – Hypnobirthing Shetland

Millburn, Catfirth, South Nesting , Shetland, ZE29PP, Scotland

Hello, I’m Donna and welcome to Hypnobirthing Shetland.

I will take you through a complete antenatal education full of KGhypnobirthing techniques leaving you feeling prepared and informed for all stages of labour and birth. You will be armed with everything you need to navigate the modern maternity system and to be fully informed. The course is packed with evidence based birth information, practical tools and techniques. We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to labour & birth. We cover everything from pain relief options, to birth place choice, hypnobirthing techniques and possible interventions.


Hi, I’m Donna. I’m a busy mum of two and a fully qualified hypnobirthing and antenatal teacher.

I am married to a fisherman, we have a five year old daughter and two year old son. We love getting outside and exploring and in the summer time we enjoy spending time together in our caravan. As well as teaching hypnobirthing, I work very part time for the NHS. When I’m not doing that, I look after our sheep! I have had two very positive birth experiences thanks to hypnobirthing and I am passionate about helping others achieve the same.

Despite having a pretty straight forward labour with my first, nearing the end of my second pregnancy, I started to dread the labour and feared the pain I was going to be in.

I spoke to Donna who said she would go through her course with me. I had done a bit of hypnobirthing online during my first pregnancy so had a rough idea but the content in which Donna shared with me really gave the me knowledge and confidence to go into labour feeling like ‘I could do this’.

My second birth was very different from the first, ending with an induction at twelve days over my due date. Despite saying throughout my whole pregnancy the one thing I didn’t want to happen was to be induced, I feel as though it was a very positive experience and Donna definitely contributed to that. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and felt like wow I wish I could do that again.

Leigh February 2023


I didn’t even consider hypnobirthing with my 1st because I was so determined to get an epidural. I went in so oblivious & paid for it! I didn’t really know how bad it was until I decided to do a hypnobirthing course when I was pregnant with baby number 2 Thinking about all the principles of hypnobirthing & then relating them back to what happened 1st time, really made it make sense! I was on my back & was just so panicked. I actually had completely different birth experiences & it was all down to me doing hypnobirthing so I’m a huge advocate. That’s just from me doing a bit of online reading so I can only imagine the positive impact you’re going to have on your mams!

Hypnobirthing mum

August 2023


Absolutely loved the sessions!! Not only were they so relaxing, but also loved going through a different topic briefly each week. Ideal for anyone familiar with hypnobirthing eg. from a previous pregnancy, but looking for a bit of a refresher. Donna is so friendly and approachable and I very quickly felt at ease and able to speak to her Her voice is also so calming making the relaxations so easy to slip into Can’t recommend these classes enough, so pleased I did them.


June 2023


Donna is a fountain of knowlege when it comes to preparing you for having your baby. If you’d like to build your understanding of birth and work towards having a really positive labour, I would highly recommend attending her offerings.

Relaxation classes June 2023


June 2023

I offer the following choices of courses.  All can be done in person, online or a mixture of both:

Group in Person £249

Private £350

Private refresher Price on discussion but around £150

Power hour! £25  These are suitable for anyone who wants time with me to discuss something specific, or to refresh on a particular topic.

You can also book with me to have a free chat, to discuss how we can work together

Please see my website for more info.

Each course is 12 hours split over 4 sessions

Suitable for first and subsequent pregnancies

Birth partner is encouraged to attend and is included in the cost

All of my classes include the full antenatal & hypnobirthing programme as well as course notes, hypnobirthing audio tracks and a copy of the KG Hypnobirthing book. You will also receive a thank you gift from me

For in person courses you must be based in Shetland

I understand that many people work shift rotations and I will work with you where possible to fit around this.

Depending on location, travel costs may apply