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Fay Lodge – Lotus Birth Yoga

10 Henderson Row , Fort William, PH336HT, Scotland

Hello, I’m Fay! I am a practising midwife and independent prescriber as well as a registered pregnancy yoga teacher and KG hypnobirthing teacher.

I love hypnobirthing and believe it should be available to every pregnant person and their birth supporter. I have seen first hand what a different hypnobirthing makes to couples’ journeys through pregnancy and birth. Education is power and KG hypnobirthing gives you the tools to understand the birthing process, the importance of relaxation, the maternity system and how to navigate it, and your birth partner the confidence to be the best supporter they can be.

KG Hypnobirthing prepares you to have a positive birth experience, however and wherever that may be.


I started my training to become a midwife in 2007 and very quickly found my passion was for promoting and enabling normality during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. I fully believe that by empowering people to trust in themselves and their bodies’ capabilities, they can achieve a fulfilling birth experience that is more likely to follow a natural course without the need for medical intervention.

I know that, through the use of antenatal education, preparation and empowerment, pregnant people can lose their fear of childbirth and enjoy this most powerful and extraordinary time in their lives. I have supported many women to achieve a positive pregnancy and birth experience and look forward to sharing this special time with you.

KGH Course, 1st Time Mum:

Hypnobirthing with Fay equipped us both with so much knowledge surrounding the birth of our first born. With this knowledge we were able to feel more empowered and able to make informed choices before and during labour. The recordings we found relaxing and beneficial to create a positive mind set. We highly recommend hypnobirthing with Fay for any parents seeking to understand the full choice spectrum available.

Lotus Birth Yoga Retreat, Dad-to-be:

This retreat was one of a kind, such an amazing experience! Fay was extremely knowledgeable, attentive and inspiring. The maternity workshops enabled us to process, reflect and share our thoughts and feelings regarding the pregnancy and birth.
Yoga and meditation sessions were great, we now have a long list of pregnancy-suitable poses and exercises we integrated into our practice! Both my wife and myself got back empowered, inspired, relaxed and happy from this long weekend

Lotus Birth Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Class, Mum-to-be:

I really enjoy Fay’s classes. They have helped me so much by keeping me active and helping with any aches or pains I have. Fay is also so approachable and will send you specific exercises for anything you are having troubles with. The classes are also really relaxing and give you some time to spend with your bump


In session one we’ll explain hypnobirthing and delve into the mind-body relationship, beginning to understand how the mind affects the physical body. We’ll look at the muscles of the uterus, the hormones of birth and the importance of relaxation in a efficient birthing process.

Session two will cover the difference in birth locations before introducing ‘up’ breathing and exploring the use of  triggers in relaxation to allow our mind to quickly enter a calm state. We’ll look at how we can assist your baby to get into the most usual position for birth before looking at some physical preparation techniques including increasing pelvic floor strength, reducing the likelihood of perineal trauma and active birth positions.

Our third session will explore the maternity system, giving you the confidence to navigate it and empowering you to be able to make informed decisions. We’ll also discuss sources of stress (and how to reduce this), induction of labour and alternatives, and what to expect at the start of your labour.

The final session will leave you fully prepared for birth and to write your birth preferences; explaining the three phases of labour and introducing ‘down’ breathing to aid your baby into this world. We’ll discuss in detail the importance of the Golden Hour after birth and explain your choices for your and your baby in this early postnatal period.


I charge £200/couple for the complete 12hr KGH course, split over 4 classes (possible additional cost for travel time/petrol), discount available for groups.

Please contact me via email () or message 07894553881 to arrange 1:1 courses, both face-to-face and through Zoom. Group courses available by arrangement.

I look forward to hearing from you :-)