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Menna Keyes – Menna Keyes Hypnobirthing and Doula

Kienberg, Switzerland 4468, Europe

I am a certified KG hypnobirthing teacher and certified birth/postnatal doula with lots of experience in supporting couples who share a variety of pregnancy and birth experiences.

My hypnobirthing course is a complete antenatal education programme suitable for all births, incorporating the KG hypnobirthing programme with my experience as a doula alongside gentle guided movement for your body with breathing exercises and meditation for your mind. The course will help you and your birth partner to understand what happens in both your body and mind during pregnancy, labour and birth, and give you tools so that you and your birth partner can support your mind, body and baby during this transformative experience. 

My philosophy and the support I offer is based around people centred care, individually tailored to your needs and preferences without any judgement or agenda.


Amongst lots of other things, I am a mother to two daughters who were both born here in Switzerland and a lover of nature and the great outdoors.

I am very passionate about turning our attention inward and reconnecting with our body and mind.

Currently living in the countryside near Frick and happy to travel to Basel, Zurich and surrounding areas.


“The birth of our first son was difficult – we were not as prepared as we thought and I spent nearly 36 hours holding my breath with fists and everything else clenched until he arrived. We were determined to have a more relaxing experience for the birth of our second son and were so grateful to find Menna and hypnobirthing. We met Menna regularly as she guided us through scripts, relaxation techniques and exercises that were so calming, I fell asleep nearly every time we practiced. What a difference! Going into labour we were much calmer and felt much more at ease. Menna is a brilliant doula who has the most calming, reassuring presence. We highly recommend Menna and her hypnobirthing instruction to anyone who is looking to have a more comfortable labour and delivery.”

Laura & Jeff Holgate

“ Menna was my doula and I had an amazing birth experience with her beside me. All the hypnobirthing preparations we did together during pregnancy empowered me to succeed a natural birth after a C-section. She was a real support before, during and after the birth.
I truly recommend her”

Adriana & Cezar

“ The level of support was outstanding. We felt like we could always reach you during and after the course. Especially with the ‘nearly induction’ process, where your special session and constant support made us overcome the nerves and managed to relax. Two days later we were welcoming Matias, with a super positive birth experience”

Catarina & Andre

“As my first time hypnobirthing experience, I would gladly say I’m truly happy and satisfied with Menna’s coaching and support. She was very attentive and quick to respond with all my concerns, right up to very end of our sessions together. Pregnancy and birth is a huge transformation in our lives, we should have the right people around us and I am grateful Menna was a part of it. I can totally recommend her!”

Haruka & Christian

“Menna has made our birthing experience as a couple very positive and gave us room to breathe by shouldering our emotional needs and gave us lots of confidence in speaking up and asking questions to the hospital staff. We honestly could not have asked for a better Doula. She was calm, confident, listened to us, reachable and followed up any questions with evidence based feedback. Menna’s strength is listening to others and understanding their needs, so my husband and I really feel Menna was excellent in this regard.”

Virginia & Pierre


I offer 1-2-1 birth preparation for individuals, couples and small groups both in person and online.

Please get in touch for more information.