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 " A Peaceful World begins with a Peaceful Birth "

Gentle Hypnobirth is empowering and bestows on parents the confidence to have the best birth for them using the techniques and practices of the KG Method. I am a qualified Midwife, Public Health Nurse, Hypnotherapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner and can assure alll my clients of a safe, informative, evidence based  and fun experience !!!! I will be delighted to meet for an informal chat if clients wish to find out about my sessions which can either be group or be-spoke to fit around your life committments. I run sessions in Westferry Road London and also throughout Bedfordshire, Bucks & Herts (I travel to you) and can provide one - off taster sessions. Please check my website and my listings on Net-Mums to find out more!!

I am a Qualified State Registered Nurse, Registered Midwife, Hypnotherapist  and Hypnobirthing Teacher registered with the NMC, RCN and Hypnobirthing Association. I have over 30 years’ experience working within the NHS and private sector and I am committed to teaching expectant parents the wonders of the KG Hypnobirthing technique. As a midwife I will be able to explain some of the obstetric terminology that can confuse parents; My hypnobirthing classes will prepare parents emotionally, psychologically and physically in the antenatal period for their new baby and will empower them to question routine treatments and methods used in current obstetric practices.I am also a mother of three and only wish I had had the knowledge, skills and confidence to have been a hypnobirthing mum so I could have enjoyed the natural process of childbirth.Please read my website for information on course dates and my credentials as I look forward to introducing you to the wonders of Hypnobirthing so you can achieve a more relaxed, gentle and comfortable birth.

“Hypnobirthing is the most wonderful empowering experience that parents can bestow upon their unborn baby, bringing them into the world gently, calmly and naturally". I run group or individual sessions which are broken down into practical and theory , there is plenty of laughter and I am very approachable and friendly and have many "Hypnobabies in London and Bedfordshire area". I believe in evidence based practice and I continually strive for excellence and attend  KG Hypnobirthing refresher courses and link with local antenatal services including the NHS and NCT, giving talks and attending active birth workshops. If parents remain skeptical please try a taster hour session which answers many of your Hypnobirthing question's and parents can experience a relaxation session !

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is based on logic and the natural harmony of the mind and body working as one; it brings together a mother and her partner in the preparation for the birth of their baby. Hypnobirthing teachers the importance of words and positive thoughts, it does not promise a perfect birth  as sometimes things can be challenging, however, it does promise to equip parents with the skills and knowledge to make informed choices and decisions. 


“Hypnobirthing is a journey back to basics with the natural instincts of a mother determining the birth she and her baby desire”


Maggie was my first 1:1 client she was 40 years old and this was her first baby. Maggie had enrolled on a NHS antenatal class and had been distressed on her first session when the midwife referred to her as an elderly mum who “is more likely to have a complicated delivery”.  Maggie joined my Hypnobirthing sessions at  28 weeks into her pregnancy,  she went on to have a natural uncomplicated Hypno baby girl. 

Maggie kindly sent me this testimonial


“From the moment I met Angela my partner and I were put at ease and instantly began to relax. The four sessions gave me the knowledge, confidence and techniques for us to prepare for our baby and I enjoyed all the preparation and began to look forward to the arrival of our Hypno baby (later named Isabel).  Because Angela is a midwife she explained and demystified some of the obstetric terminology and dispelled our fears of being “old parents”.   The Hypnobirthing techniques we were taught did not discriminate with age.   I went into labour at 39 weeks remaining at home until my surges were 5 minutes apart and lasing 60 seconds (total of 5 hours ), I had a bath which seemed to work wonders I only felt the surges to be uncomfortable . My partner and I   had made an informed choice to  opt for a obstetric unit delivery and I did not want a water birth  but had informed the staff that I wished to have a Hypnobirth which they respected.  I had  only  an initial examination  when I arrived in the unit,  I agreed to this as I wished to know how I was progressing ,  I was an amazing 8cm dilated (amazing for an old mum !!!!). My partner set up the room perfectly and I was surrounded by soft music, relaxing lavender and gentle readings of relaxation from the scripts Angela had provided.   I continued to remain in the “zone of calm” whilst on my birthing ball with my partner supporting me and rubbing my back. Two hours after arriving at the unit I felt the urge to push (my waters went at this stage) and continued to down breath as my surges were very close together and I was experiencing more discomfort. My partner asked the midwife for support and I wanted to now get on the bed (I felt more comfortable) the midwife and my partner could clearly see baby’s head!!!! I was very excited and was now kneeling on the bed with my partner gently stroking my back.  With the next surge I pushed my beautiful little girl into the world and with my partners help I lifted her onto my abdomen and covered her with a light blanket.  The midwife was wonderful and calm and the umbilical cord was cut by my partner once it had stopped pulsating (as we had requested in our wish list). My placental delivered within 5 minutes (I had had an injection which I agreed to having). Once the midwife was sure everything was well with me and Isabel she left the room quietly saying she would return in an hour with a cup of tea for us unless my partner summoned her earlier.

This hour was the most magical and perfect time in my life,  as,  Isabel quietly seemed to stare at me as she got to know this strange world.   15 minutes after her birth she began to route for my breast and she did appear to crawl up my abdomen (this was amazing) I helped her and with very little difficultly she had her first suckle.  


This was a wonderful most perfect experience that I cannot fully put into words.  My partner and I thank Angela for helping us achieve the delivery all “old mums” can achieve, and for making us more informed in the choices we can have in childbirth.  Isabel is now 4 months old and is an adorable, healthy and very happy baby (I may even have another!!!).




I tailor 1:1 courses around parent availabity and need, spacing 3x3 hourly sessions throughout your wonderful pregnancy, which gives parents the time to practice the relaxtions and breathing techniques (I feel this is best practice as it allows me to follow you on your journey ). Therefore,  I like to begin session one (although earlier and later  dates are never turned away )  from  27 + weeks and this will provide clients plenty of time  to practice the relaxations and breathing exercises before we meet again around 31 weeks. Any issues and concerns can be addressed at session two and then we meet again around 36 weeks before I finally briing everything together so you feel supported and confident for " baby's birthday". I  also offer extra hourly sessions if you feel you need extra support . I am also happy for parents to put their own small group together (and give a discount!). I run small groups and taster sessions in Bedfordshire and 1:1 throughout Beds, Bucks, Herts and East London.

I also run condensed parent courses, this is a one off three hour session which incorporates all the main elements of hypnobirthing and is great for parents who cannot comitt to the longer course and are also prefer self directed practice. These courses run throughtout Bedfordshire and Canary Wharf on a monthly basis.

 I can assure you of my comittment in supporting you to achieve the best birth possible. However, I am flexible and happy to discuss any client requirements , call me for a friendly chat or send me an e-mail as I endevour to get back to you the same  day.

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