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Hello! My name is Michelle and I have been teaching Hypnobirthing in Hackney, East London since 2006 and have supported hundreds of couples to have a more positive and enjoyable birth experience.  Please see some of my testimonials below and find out more at

My name is Michelle Pearson, I am based in Homerton in Hackney, East London and became a fully qualified Hypnobirthing Practitioner in 2006,  training originally with the American Mongan Method and then updated my training with the more UK based KGHypnobirthing.  I have helped hundreds of couples achieve a calm, comfortable and gentle birth for themselves and their babies, in Hackney, Walthamstow, Forest Gate, Stratford, Leyton, Stoke Newington, Islington and beyond!

I became interested in birth after having my own two children, Ella and George who are now officially grown-ups - time has flown! My first pregnancy was thrilling, I loved being pregnant and feeling all the amazing changes taking place in my body. Ella’s birth was at home, eight hours long and although a good experience, compared to many, it was intense from the start and I didn’t really have the understanding or the tools to support myself and so it took a long time to recover physically and emotionally.  Leading up to my second birth I felt more fearful - would I be able to do it again?  It was another home birth but this time much quicker and with my body’s previous birthing experience, I was able to let go and feel the power of my body. I felt exhilarated and so proud of myself after George’s birth.

At that time, I began to realize how fearful we as women can become as we get closer to giving birth. I wanted to find a way of helping more women feel empowered and confident in their body’s natural ability. I began to dream of working in the birthing world and to be able to help women, their partners and babies have a more positive experience at this life changing time. (my grandmother was a midwife in India - perhaps it's in my genes!)

One day, whilst working in my job as a Production Manager on a women’s magazine, a chance conversation with a colleague and friend, led me to find out about Hypnobirthing. It’s philosophy and common sense approach reflected my own instinctive feelings of how birth could be and soon after I found myself training to become a Hypnobirthing Practitioner. Since then I have helped hundreds of couples have calm, confident, positive birth experiences. 

I am committed to continuously updating my skills by attending birth workshops, courses and lectures.  I have also trained with Michel Odent known for his role in promoting natural birth and water birth.  I completed my Doula training with 'Developing Doulas' in 2013 and became a recognised Birth Doula with Doula UK.

I hold a Practitioner Diploma in Integrative Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy and a Certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Hypnosis and NLP.

Why KG Hypnobirthing?

KGHypnobirthing gives you really useful tools to help you to have the best birth for you.  It give you tools for your mind and your body to help you to give birth naturally.  It empowers you to use your natural birthing instincts to be able to birth your baby more easily and more comfortably. 

The philosophy of Hypnobirthing is that birth is a natural process of your mind and your body and that most women who are not in a high risk situation can give birth gently and calmly.

The tools are deep relaxation, breathing techniques and birth education. When you learn about what is happening inside your body when you give birth it makes sense that you also learn how to relax and breath well.  Relaxation and breathing make a big difference to how comfortable your birth can be. I can’t promise you pain free birth, although that is possible and some women do experience that, but Hypnobirthing can really make a big difference to how you feel leading up to the birth, during the birth of course and afterwards.

Hypnobirthing is also about helping you to lose any fear or anxiety you may have of giving birth and to help you to begin to feel more confident, lose any fears and begin to look forward to your birthing day.



Initially both my husband and I were doubtful about the effectiveness of this form of childbirth. After reading the literature and watching various video clips we began to open up to the concept.

I met Michelle when I was expecting my first baby. She attended my home regularly for one on one Hypnobirthing classes. In very little time Michelle managed to help me connect with my unborn baby and help me understand my body and it's changes during childbirth. She helped to relax me and prepare me for the wonderfully natural process of bringing a baby into the world with minimal fuss and strain.

So when I felt my first surge, I knew what to do. I went on for almost 12 hours in peace whilst practicing the techniques Michelle had taught me. I didn't even tell my husband that I was in labour until much later.

When the time came for me to attend the birthing unit, my midwife was surprised at my composure and control. I was left to practice my learned techniques. With the support of my husband and midwives I delivered my baby relatively comfortably and naturally a few hours later.

I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is interested in engaging with the hypnoBirthing technique.

Greeshma - 1st baby

Thank you so much for the HypnoBirthing sessions, we had an extraordinarily good birth experience, everything just happened as we had planned and visualised (even the birth pool at Homerton was available!). We couldn't have done it without you, your excercises kept Jenny in a relaxed state throughout, and she didn't need any pain relief!

As for myself I felt much more involved this time round and used the breathing exercises to keep calm too. I also felt much more informed and understood what was going on.

I don't think Jen would describe it as pain-free, but look at the expression on her face just half an hour after the baby was born!! I think you will agree she looks pretty relaxed...and the baby has been very calm so far.

The midwife was great and stuck to our birth plan almost to the letter, and our Doula was amazing.

Caspar & Jenny - 2nd baby

After a traumatic first birth experience, a friend recommended Michelle and Hypnobirthing for our second pregnancy.

I am so pleased that we did it! Thanks to Michelle and her course, our son's arrival was an incredibly positive experience. I felt calm and in control all throughout the labour and birth and had the confidence to just let my body get on with doing its job without trying to second guess or panic about things. I am sure that having a drug-free birth enabled immediate and intense bonding with our baby.

The whole ethos of positivity that surrounded our son's birth was carried over into our early days as parents, and we would not hesitate to recommend the course to anyone. In fact, I look forward to drawing on our Hypnobirthing experience with our next baby due in a few weeks' time!

Elena - 2nd baby

I was well into my second pregnancy when I heard about Michelle. I had a traumatic emergency c-section with my first child and was desperate not to repeat the experience. Having a natural birth after a c-section is known as a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarian) and I had met another VBAC mother who recommended Michelle and Hypnobirthing.

Michelle was the best thing that could have happened to us. She encouraged us to visualise the birth as a joyful, natural process, and to help me to release my fears about a medicalised birth.

When my son was 10 days past due-date, Michelle gave us both the strength to resist the doctor's pressure to have a c-section. Obi was born naturally two days later.

Thanks to the visualisation and breathing practice, I had no need for any intervention or drugs. I felt no pressure to 'do' the birth in any other way than the way my body and the baby wanted it.

Michelle also really helped my husband, too. His role as my supporter and advocate took all the external stresses out of my consciousness. In the hospital, he made sure the lights were dimmed, asked everyone to speak in low voices and ensured that all medical discussions about my 'condition' were held outside the room, so I could focus on relaxing and feeling what my body and our son was doing.

I have recommended Michelle to all of my friends who are pregnant, and everyone who has done her HypnoBirthing course is completely evangelical about her!

Fiona & Daiman - 2nd baby


One of my friends recommended I speak to Michelle after having two quite traumatic births. Personally I felt every time I went into hospital to have a baby things went wrong but I knew that I was capable of having a drug free birth. So when I got pregnant for the third time I felt I needed help with my confidence and management of the dreaded people at the hospital.

Michelle helped me and my husband to relax and really understand how birth is actually meant to be. She took us through the physiological understanding of birth and relaxation techniques to get you from labour to birth. She was kind and always understanding especially when me and my hubby would burst into hysterics.

Ultimately she gave me the techniques and confidence to have an amazing drug free birth. And my husband had the coaching needed to be a great birth partner.

Reena & Anton - 3rd baby



Group classes are taught in groups of up to 3 couples at my home in Homerton, Hackney. My group courses usually run on Weekday evenings @ 7.30pm. I also teach private classes in the comfort of your own home.

Group rate:   £325 per couple

Group rate inc one private session:  £405 per couple

Private rate:  £650 per couple 


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